Phantogram’s “Answer”

“Answer” is the holiest we’ve ever heard Phantogram. Piano chords glitching on repeat remind fans of the emotional impact this band can still have even in a ballad style. Lead singer, Sarah Barthel’s voice gracefully opens with, “And you can’t hold me down, cause I need an answer, cause I need an answer love.”



It almost feels like a prayer you could recite before bed. Clarity and the power of hope take over your mind. Most people can relate to these honest searching words (try not to shed a tear while really listening to the words.) The duet-like setup makes the song reminiscent of a relationship. As usual, the two succeed at harmonies so in-step, it’s chilling. The pre-chorus peeps out saying, “They say be with the one that you love, be with the one that you love, I need an answer.”

The New York natives admitted their new album is different from their past sound. Barthel told, “I think it’s really easy to want to rush out music in the digital age – it’s so easy to just finish something and want people to hear it straight away… But it’s important to fine tune your songs and not rush anything.” The inspiration behind “Answer” was the loss of musicians like Bowie and Prince, as well as Barthel’s sister this year. Phantogram has proven their music can be raw and beautiful, and that is the answer.


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