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Along with Ariana Grande’s new album, Dangerous Woman comes some saucy lyrics. Grande’s not one to swear and talk more on the sexy side, but “Everyday” is a step in that direction. She breathily sings, “He giving me that good s**t, that make me not quit” as a harsh back beat leads you into a soaring huge chorus. A feature from hip-hop/rap King right now, Future brings “Everyday” into a hip-hop sound we’re not used to hearing. Grande’s vocal runs, as usual, are just as flawless as ever. “Everyday” is one of the biggest songs off of Dangerous Woman, which is why it’s getting so much traction so far with fans. Listen to this song and try not to dance.

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Ariana Grande: Armed & Dangerous


“Something bout you, makes me feel like a dangerous woman,” are the words slithering out of Ariana Grande’s plump pink coated lips. Her third album titled Dangerous Woman branches away from her past musical endeavors as Ms. Grande is now a full grown woman, although she remains at a tiny 5′ 0″ tall with a net worth of $25 million.

Grande has been doing pop right since day one; catchy lyrics, a hop on the EDM wagon, pop synths for days, and flawless harmonies. Dangerous Woman is a lethal album, torching every other pop sound in the way. With the help of musical God Max Martin, who’s worked with almost every pop artist in the game (Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc),  Grande’s album is destined for success.

Add guest artists like Lil Wayne, Future, Nicki Minaj, and Macy Gray, and the album becomes a show of who can Ariana NOT sound good with. She pushes her musical limits mixing more dance/hip-hop/r&b elements than we’ve heard from the singer before. She also keeps her vocal runs we so desperately crave i.e. “Dangerous Woman,” “Be Alright,” and “Greedy.”

Not only is the album a slice of musical heaven, but the advertising behind it was brilliant in every way. Ariana had originally planned on calling her album Moonlight, then decided to change the name to Dangerous Woman, highlighting the changes she’s gone through over the past year. After posting pictures and quotes of dangerous women in history to motivate, fans became more excited for the album. Her style shifted to more of an edgy vibe; something that suits her well. The cover artwork for Dangerous Woman is Grande in a black latex cat face mask, showing a sexier side of the singer.


It’s very easy to put Grande in a category with every other pop star, but we shouldn’t. Woman is proof of her own sound; romantic pop. Each song takes you on a gorgeous journey through love and relationships. She swoons over her crushes, pain, and longing for real love. “Thinking Bout You” takes on the theme of loss as Grande sings, “I don’t have you here with me, but at least I have the memory.” Her voice couldn’t be more impeccable if she tried. Everything about Dangerous Woman is an addicting force in the music world.

Ariana Grande: The reincarnated pop Queen our kingdom has been longing for.



Girl Crush: Ariana Grande

Her latest single, “Dangerous Woman” makes Ryan Seacrest want to “slither.” 


“Made my decision to test my limits, cause it’s my business, God as my witness, start what I finished, don’t need no hold up.” Ms. Grande’s sexy feminine voice pulls us in again with her lead single off her new album, Dangerous Woman. Fans originally thought the album would be named Moonlight, well, not anymore friends. Grande launched the official website for the album a couple weeks ago along with minimalist-style sweatshirts and shirts for sale with “dangerous woman” written on them in classy Times New Roman.

Check it out: 

It seems like just yesterday we were dancing to “Love Me Harder” and “One Last Time” and now we have even more new music from the singer. Dangerous Woman is destined to be perfect. We already know of a collaboration with Lil Wayne called “Let Me Love You”, which should be interesting…Macy Gray is also set to make a feature on the album. Grande debuted her new music on SNL last weekend performing “Dangerous Woman” and her single coming tonight titled, “Be Alright” that fans have been DYING to hear ever since she teased it on her Snapchat several months ago. “Alright” seems to take on all the right Ariana cues; a little R&B, a lot of airy vocals, and a slight dance feel.

Grande recently stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about the new musical phase in her life saying, “The album is definitely the next step for me…it feels like a more mature evolved version…the whole body of work is a little darker and sexier and more mature.” After listening to “Dangerous Woman” and “Be Alright” I can only imagine how magically empowering the rest of the album will be.

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