“Run Away With Me”


“Cause you make me feel like, I could be driving you all night, and I found your lips in the street lights, I wanna be there with you…” are the words sung by Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen on her new single “Run Away With Me” which is also the opening track to her new album EMOTION due Aug. 21. So far, I have been fairly impressed with this album. The singles are proving the 80’s style is coming back in a big way. Of course, the pop is pop and there’s not much depth but Jepsen does a good job at always keeping it lively and catchy all at the same time.

The lyrics are magical and drag the wanderlust right out of you. The music video features fun moments from what looks to be Carly in her natural habitat living life; jumping on hotel beds, trying on cool clothes, dancing with her friends in a club. “Run Away With Me” is your crush, it’s that feeling of fun love that you can’t get rid of. Bittersweet verses and a crazy catchy chorus – damn you Carly…you did it again…

Pop has never looked this good. Jepsen’s new album is bound to be our end of the summer soundtrack. I hate to say it but Carly is a guilty pleasure. She has shouty songs with youthful energy that people can’t resist. “Run Away With Me” could play on repeat for a long time in my car and I’ll still sing every word– that’s how you know you have a hit single.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.

-Abbey 🙂

Music Video Roundup!


A musical bomb went off and when it exploded a gazillion music videos fell to the Earth. Here’s a couple that were released recently!

1.) “Omen” by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith: Ok…you guys. I have been waiting for this song to hit the web for FOREVER. It’s everything I thought it would be and more. Hypnotizing beats and Smith’s perfected falsetto is all I need in this world. The video plays along with the current storyline Disclosure has been working on. I don’t quite understand every part of it, but it seems like different characters have different special powers and it takes place in a different country. Smith croons in the middle of a sepia toned sweaty club as dancers grind and “almost” kiss around him. We see professional dancers, slo-mo fingers combing through damp hair, and several intense pairs of hoop earrings. YAS.

2.) “All Eyes On You” by Meek Mill feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown: Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing plush mansion with Nicki Minaj sprawled out in a bodycon on the couch?!? I’m not usually a big Meek Mill fan but this song is so so good (Chris Brown’s heavy chorus helps..) The truth is, you didn’t think you liked Nicki and Meek together until you see this video. It’s almost as if they were like “Bring some cameras and hang out with us for a couple days.” Looks like the two of them send sultry glances at each other all day long, followed by flirty booty grabs here and there. Not to mention, she wears a denim bikini in the pool…DENIM.

3.) “Powerful” by Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley: I actually was not a fan of this song when I first listened to it on the Major Lazer album but after watching the video I really love it. Goulding is seen in a coffee shop working some magic on the coffee and silverware in front of her. Riley is seen doing the same, with some spare change on his table. Lights flicker, the TV glitches, and forks bend as the power of love takes over. Goulding begins to wreak havoc on the diner with a solemn look on her face as her perfectly beach tousled hair falls in front of her face (why does her hair always look so PERFECT?!). Definitely shows the more emotional side of Major Lazer, but still a fantastic song.

4.) “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd: Abel’s half closed eyes grace our screen as he serenades us into an 80’s pop dream we never thought we needed. The video portrays him as a crazy good karaoke contestant at a flashy bar where the people really start to feel the song… #goodvibes all around. The music video really takes a turn for the weird when an old man throws his lighter at The Weeknd, lighting him on fire, which surprisingly just makes him dance and sing even harder. COOL.

-Abbey 🙂

Miguel’s Wildheart

photo via http://okp-cdn.okayplayer.com
Miguel’s third studio album, Wildheart. Released 6/29.

Miguel’s Wildheart is just that; unapologetic, spontaneous, and sensual. His third studio album will be released Monday (6/29) and it has easily perched Miguel on top of the R&B ladder. Miguel’s ear for electronics, vibe-y choruses, and overly sexualized lyrics keep him relevant and always on point. R&B is revitalized through the artistic eyes of Miguel, the visionary. Wildheart is a concept album focusing on West Coast influences as you hear sprinkled on every flawless track.

Several 70’s vibes are filtered throughout this album on several songs; the sultry/dance tune “deal”,  the clap-happy “wave”, and the easy-going “nwa”. There’s no denying, electric guitar and a heavy drum beat guide almost every song into an endless good vibe. Miguel’s voice echoes every guitar strum as smooth as melted butter in cookie batter.

You say Miguel, I say…sexual. The amount of sexual innuendos are pretty much spilling through every song. Wildheart is definitely not an album to play in the van when you pick the kids up from school. “valley” is definitely one of the most explicit songs off the album; “I wanna f*** like we’re filming in the valley” just gives you an idea of what Miguel’s talking about here… A clear homage to the saucy side of California with racy lyrics to fit the clichĂ© bill. Harmonies overlap near the end as Miguel leaves you in a trance-like state of mind. “Flesh” is another sexually charged anthem. Miguel’s falsetto takes shotgun as you ride through heavily sedated verses and low rumbling guitar. “I’m a slave to your flesh, woman put me right where I belong,” he sweetly sings in the 4 and a half minute tune.


The lyrics may be super racy but songs like “what’s normal anyway”, “leaves”, and “face the sun” carry more weight lyrically. “what’s normal anyway” challenges the racial boundaries that we see and hear about everyday. “I look around and I feel alone, I never feel like I belong.” A more emotional side of Miguel. A bit of 80’s synth pops into the song near the end adding more of a melancholy feel. “What’s normal anyway” quickly turns into a proclamation of self love; “don’t let them change you, just be who you are.” Miguel proves he can still write a powerful love song with the gorgeous “face the sun” featuring Lenny Kravitz on the electric guitar. “leaves” serves as another ode to California just like he promised; “sweet California, I should’ve known better, cause the leaves don’t change.” Impeccable vocals and simple lyrics flood this song with strong symbolic meaning. One of Miguel’s finest off the album.

For me, Wildheart is Miguel in his prime. He blows through everyone’s idea of R&B and creates a new age style that you can’t resist. A little bit of rock, funk, R&B, and pop thrown into a blender and you have the masterpiece that is Wildheart.

Cheers, Miguel!

Here’s his latest music video for single, “Coffee”:

-Abbey 🙂

Paramore for life!

I thought my first legitimate post should be about the band who sparked my initial interest/obsession with music: Paramore.

They have come a long way since the greasy hair, band t-shirt, and Vans wearing days. Paramore completely changed the rock genre to me. They started out as a cute young band with a front woman who changed the vision of a “girl singer”. Hayley Williams became an icon. Never have I ever seen a woman rock harder than Ms. Williams herself. She has the perfect amount of talent, poise, beauty, and bad-ass-ness!

Seeing this band perform live four times have been the highlights of my life. The energy and vibe this band gives off is nothing short of positive. Jeremy (bassist), Taylor (guitarist), and Hayley (lead vocals) all have a huge enjoyable chemistry you cannot help but strain your neck to look for. Every show was different, every set was spectacular, and Hayley’s voice remains the same; perfect. Rock music to me was never just about the voice, it was about the music as a whole. Paramore brought that sense of rock music back but with a woman who’s voice could rock a volcano to bits or sing a baby to sleep.

The growth of Paramore from their first album “All We Know Is Falling” to their latest album, the self titled “Paramore”, is immense. The content is heavily weighed on new life experiences. We also get to hear the most spectacular mixes of shredding guitars and electronic synths I have ever heard in my life. When I first found out the new album was filled with 17 songs I was in shock. I had been following Paramore through every step while they were working on their long awaited 4th album and I knew it was going to be flawless.

And it was.

If you haven’t listened to the newest Paramore album I highly suggest you do. It is a true homage to the long journey Paramore has been on as a band, as friends, and as true people.

Now that I’m done gloating about the best band in the world, I’ll leave you with some pictures I took at the most recent Paramore show I went to in Virginia when they were on the “Paratour”.


The scene that appeared when the curtain finally dropped!


A beautiful shot of the confetti that shot out during the encore!


The trio jamming out to their “Interludes”


Jeremy Davis slappin’ da bass!


 The beautiful Hayley Williams!


Well hello there!


My name is Abbey and this is my first blog. I am currently a college student studying communications while specializing in music journalism! I hope to someday write for bands, magazines, blogs, or really anything as long as I get to live the musical life I have always dreamed of. Travelling and spreading the joy and emotion of music is something I aspire to do every day. I could not be more excited to start this new online journey and I look forward to gaining some followers in the process.

My mission for Blondie & the Beat is to give people a place to read about new music, old music, and just music in general. I will encompass the life of a college student who happens to have a passion for writing, reading, and spreading the love of music to everyone. I will post anything from music videos I love to why I think BeyoncĂ© is a genius beyond words (yes, I’m still reeling from the “surprise” album.)

I hope everyone from every walk of life can look at my blog and find something they love about music.

So hop on the tour bus and lets do this thang!!!