Well hello there!


My name is Abbey and this is my first blog. I am currently a college student studying communications while specializing in music journalism! I hope to someday write for bands, magazines, blogs, or really anything as long as I get to live the musical life I have always dreamed of. Travelling and spreading the joy and emotion of music is something I aspire to do every day. I could not be more excited to start this new online journey and I look forward to gaining some followers in the process.

My mission for Blondie & the Beat is to give people a place to read about new music, old music, and just music in general. I will encompass the life of a college student who happens to have a passion for writing, reading, and spreading the love of music to everyone. I will post anything from music videos I love to why I think Beyoncé is a genius beyond words (yes, I’m still reeling from the “surprise” album.)

I hope everyone from every walk of life can look at my blog and find something they love about music.

So hop on the tour bus and lets do this thang!!!

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