Summer Spins!

What songs are going to be pumping through your hot summer veins? What will you be singing on the boat, by the campfire, or even at your Sunday BBQ??

Summer spins



Music Video Roundup!

1.) “Wild Thoughts” by DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller


2.) “To the Moon” by Phora


3.) “Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez


4.) “While We’re Young” by Jhené Aiko


5.) “Secrets” by The Weeknd




Music Mondays: “Love on the Brain (Gigamesh Remix)”

Love On The Brain

Key Item: Gucci fur slide

Color Concepts:  Mixing browns and black together


Rihanna’s crooning ballad, “Love On the Brain” gets a vamped up 80’s-esque remix. The original version serves as one of the singers most captivating songs, vocally. She squeals, growls, and moans about being in love with someone who maybe doesn’t deserve her; “You love when I fall apart, so you can put me together, and throw me against the wall.” The Gigamesh Remix takes on a happier feel, with a lighter beat as the chorus is edited to just Rihanna shouting, “must be love.” Remixed, “Brain” takes on a whole new meaning that makes you bop your head and tap your feet while paying homage to the 1985 hit, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” Gospel goes out the window, and electro pop slides in almost as if it was meant to be this way. I have now dubbed this as one of my favorite Rihanna songs remixed.

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Music Mondays: “Nothing Is Promised”

Nothing Is Promised


Key Item: Suede All Saints bomber

Color Concepts: Washed out // muted tones

Shoe Situation: All Saints class monk strap shoe

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Just when you thought you were off the Anti high… Rihanna comes back for more and teams up with Mike Will Made-It on “Nothing Is Promised.” In classic Rihanna banger fashion, she brags about shopping in Paris, money, cars, vacations, money, and did I mention money?? “Ten million in cash, put up in a stash, it’s under my mattress,” the Barbados-born singer confidently half raps. “Promised” is the newest addition to your workout playlist. Rih proves her crossover from pop star to hip-hop sensation is alive and dope as hell. She doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and that’s okay with me.

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5 Things We Want to Hear on Drake’s “Views”

Views, is said to drop April 29.

I’ll be ready…


1.) Another Rihanna collab: “Work,” “What’s My Name,” “Take Care.” C’mon…we can’t get enough of this duo. Rihanna’s raspy voice and Drake’s gentle notes lead you into a romantic trance every time. A joint album should be in the future for these two.



2.) More tropical vibes: “Hotline Bling” had it and his latest single “One Dance” has it. Conga drums, shakers, and a thick beat. Could a Drake-ish “Work” be on Views? Most likely! And I hope so!

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3.) Something as hype as “Jumpman”: You just can’t help but rap to it. It has it all; punchy lyrics and an addicting beat. Not to mention, major party power. It gets the people going. Hopefully Drake has his own “Jumpman” on this album that spits some real dirt.

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4.) Lyrics about being “friends” with the Kardashians: We’ve seen him at the parties, posin’ for the Gram alongside TV’s favorite family. Now, let’s hear about which one you’re really “friends” with.

mama jenner
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5.) Another Majid Jordan duet: “Hold On We’re Going Home,” “My Love”… You can’t deny that Jordan brings just the right vibe to Drake’s soft spoken raps. The two compliment each other extremely well and I can only hope that Views brings us another collab.



Music Video Roundup!

1.) “The Sound” – The 1975

One day before the release of their sophomore album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, pop synth Kings, The 1975, released their music video for their next hit, “The Sound”. Featuring pink neon hues and mean comments leaving an underlying subliminal message. Words like pretentious, unimaginative, annoying, boring, recycled, wannabees, etc. all briefly flash across the scene as the band dances around doing what they do best; play their music.


2.) “Stone Cold” – Demi Lovato

When I heard Demi was making a music video for this song, I knew it had to be just as epic as the vocals heard on it. She definitely did it justice. Lovato is seen in a bathtub, curled up by a fire, and trudging through a winter wonderland. Her flawless pale skin and raw emotion helps you find the beauty in every word she sings.


3.) “Work” – Rihanna feat. Drake

Seven and a half minutes of Rihanna seducing Drake?? OKAY. The first set is in a steamy nightclub where the ladies are twerking and getting down, the second? An intimate living room scene where Rihanna flirts with Drake using her twinkling eyes and trance-like hip rotations. This video will have you rooting for Drihanna for real… ❤


4.) “Colors” – Halsey

Halsey plays an innocent young daughter as her mother looks to find love. Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey plays the hunky high school jock who has the perfect cute smile and tennis skills. Blue is a major theme in the video as you see in almost every frame, not to mention the overall blue filter of the video itself. But, wait until the end… This video is not what I wanted it to be.


5.) “Youth” – Troye Sivan

Taking a slight departure from the heavy Blue Neighborhood music video trilogy Troye released several months ago, “Youth” is energetic and cute. “My youth is yours” echoes in your mind as you watch Sivan & friends dance around a house party filled with balloons, cups, and multi-colored twinkle lights. “Youth” is everything you thought it would be, not to mention tons of close ups of the eternally adorable Mr. Sivan.


6.) “It’s You” – Zayn Malik

Malik decides to prove his singing chops once again with this gorgeous love ballad. Directed by Ryan Hope (Sam Smith, “Lay Me Down”, Disclosure feat. Lorde, “Magnets”), “You” provides a melancholy look into the breakup between Malik and singer Perrie Edwards. The black & white video leaves a timeless look to it and scenes are slowed down to make you feel the emotional connection between Malik and the blonde beauty. You can watch the video only on Apple Music.



7.) “Work From Home” – Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Back at it again with the next club anthem. Taking hints from Rihanna, the girls twerk around a construction site singing “Work, work, work”. Lots of hair flips, booty poppin’, and sultry glances. Also, construction guys NEVER look like this…




Music Monday’s: Anti



Key Item: Ripped jogger trousers

Key Materials: Earth tones

Shoe Situation: Black Nike Huarache

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Rihanna is back and better than ever? Fans didn’t expect Anti to be what it is. A slower-tempo’d album featuring new musical elements we’re not used to hearing on a classic Rih Rih album. Her intoxicating voice still plagues every song in the prettiest way. “Kiss It Better” feels like a slight vintage 80’s song (minus the f-bombs). A whaling guitar echoes throughout the song, perfectly mimicking every lyric. The tail end of the album is the more emotional side of Rihanna. “Love On the Brain” sounds like something off the soundtrack to “Grease”, while “Close To You” could be the new “Stay” on this album. “Close To You” is a piano driven ballad with intimate lyrics. If there’s one thing Rihanna does well on Anti, it’s the variety and musical composition of every single song. You honestly cannot predict what each song will sound like, all are different and new in their own way. Anti is definitely a passion project for Rihanna.

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