“We Are Your Friends”

Image via: http://www.aceshowbiz.com
Image via: http://www.aceshowbiz.com

Zac Efron as a DJ trying to make it in the valley. What’s not to love? Maybe I’ve just been watching too many of director Max Joseph’s Snapchats (yes, he’s from Catfish), but the hype for this movie seems to be increasing by the minute. Powerful energetic trailers showing a group of guys banding together, following an incredible dream that is almost impossible to achieve- success.

From the second I heard what this movie was about, I knew it would be killer. In this generation’s need for dope music, 6 pack abs, and a rags to riches story- it has the trifecta and I haven’t even seen it yet. BONUS: a dope soundtrack with music that makes you wish you had a million dollars to go blow at every EDM fest in the world.

The soundtrack features some electronic/dance newcomers as well as other talented artists: Erin McCarly, Pusha T, AlunaGeorge etc. One standout track is the alt-turned dance song “Desire” by the band Years and Years. This band specializes in electronic pop, but the Gryffin Remix gives “Desire” the push it needs into the dance world. “Open your arms and pray, to the truth that you’re denying, give in to the game, to the sense that you’ve been hiding”; poem-like lyrics are sweetly sung as the song builds into a mega-pulsating chorus.

photo via: http://cinergetica.com
photo via: http://cinergetica.com

The opening track of the album, “I Can Be Somebody” features smooth pop vocals from Erin McCarley. A beautiful track starting off the soundtrack the right way. While “BlackOut” serves as the next “Shots” 2.0 featuring Lil Jon himself. The vibe is party, party, party. A re-work of “You Know You Like It” by AlunaGeorge is also featured, taking a more layered twist -vocally. The movie track is heard in all its glory on Justice & Simian’s song obviously titled “We Are Your Friends”. 80’s synths and shouty vocals coax this song into being one of the best off the soundtrack.

August 28th and I have a date and it’s to see “We Are Your Friends” in theatres.

-Abbey 🙂

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