Mt. Wolf’s “Heavenbound”

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“Heavenbound” is that song at the end of the movie that finally makes the last tear roll down your glistening cheek. You think about it for days after and then add it to your “cry” playlist on Spotify. Some night, you’ll go back, listen to it, and feel those same feelings all over again.

Much like M83, Jónsi, and others, Mt. Wolf takes music and makes it bigger. It becomes more than music, it becomes a moment. “Heavenbound” walks us through this moment. The sounds mirror landscapes while the vocals remind you of hymns. Lead singer, Sebastian “Bassi” Fox’s deep voice tells a story of life, specifically the end. Backup vocals echo brilliantly throughout while a pounding beat drives the song home to heaven’s gates.

Fox told Yahoo! News, he listens to a lot of soundtracks and instrumental music, such as, Hans Zimmer, Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and Joep Beving. Other favorite artists are The National (who they mirror quite well), Bon Iver and Joy Division.

The band has a big year ahead and can’t wait to play more music for their fans; “It’s pretty amazing now that we get to play to a crowd of people we don’t know – it means a lot to know that they’re there solely for the music.” 


Mt.Wolf’s debut album, Aetherlight comes out May 26. 


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