Who You Need: Cailin Russo


cailin russo


WHO: Cailin Russo

GENRE: Alternative

TOP SONG: “September Rose”


One Google search of “Cailin Russo” and you’ll immediately realize she’s been a model for quite some time now. Featured in several fashion magazine spreads not to mention a cameo in Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters” then again in his 2014 video for “Confident.” No one knew about her singing skills until she started posting videos on her Instagram. Now with a following over 500k, she is dropping her name in the music scene.

First single, “September Rose” is a gentle track. Showcasing her unique vocals and sound. A vocal range similar to Amy Winehouse with the sultry spunk of Adele. “Give me solitude, I need something new” she sweetly croons. “Rose” is an accurate representation of what we can expect from the singer. A whole hearted sound with Sunday Morning vocals that lull you into a daze.

Her latest single, “Hierarchy” holds true to her unique sound while adding a little more pop into the mix. A groovy chorus plays as Russo’s vocals twinkle over a light beat; “In a room full of dominos, I’ma be a wild flower, coasting with wild colors.” A hippie in her own right, Cailin Russo is bound to be a music force.


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