Madison Beer’s “Fools”

The latest pop sensation on the rise is Madison Beer. With long dark hair and piercing eyes, her look is as captivating as her sound. Her first EP titled, As She Pleases gives fans what they’ve been desperately waiting for. Beer’s subtle runs and vocal prowess send her on the path to a possible sultry R&B/pop crossover, similar to a young Christina Aguilera.

madison beer
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“Fools” is a standout track on the EP. A punchy vintage beat kicks off the song as the chorus flings your hands in the air like a carefree breakup anthem you so desperately needed. She sings, “Don’t you know, baby? Only fools stick around when the love is gone.” The confidence shines through on this one. Beer prances around the fact that a man is still hung up on her, even though the relationship is over.

The 18-year-old recently told Paper Magazine that she made about 100 songs, but kept scratching them and had a hard time picking what would end up on the EP. “To me, it was really important that anything I was putting out was 100% true to me and had my vibe to it…this stuff now that I’m putting out is the truest representation of who I am and the growth I’ve had and what I’ve gone through.” 

What I’m Listening To!

“So Cool (Acoustic)” – Lauren Giraldo


“Lie” – Shallou feat. Riah

“Dangerous Night” – Thirty Seconds to Mars

“Don’t Get It” – Sky Keller

“Some Time” – Russ

“Just the Same” – Charlotte Lawrence