Live Review: Quinn XCII & SZA

The Detroit native performed for a college crowd in a haze of vape smoke and waving arms. Playing songs from his latest album, The Story of Us, like “Fake Denim,” “Always Been You,” and “Flare Guns”. Students sang along to every word as Quinn hyped up each track; bouncing around and showing his love for Syracuse, NY.


Image via my assistant:


I was thoroughly impressed with Quinn’s live vocals. He actually wore himself out near the end and became a little hoarse; which is a testament to how hard he goes at each show. His band consisted of a drummer and keyboardist; simple but did a fantastic job at perfecting each tune. The three seem to have a fun friendship as they all danced and smiled with eachother.

Catch Quinn on tour here.



SZA walked on stage and the crowd went wild. The voice recording intro to her Ctrl hit, “Supermodel” played while fans screamed along the words. Big hair, camo pants, and a tiny off the shoulder top that kept exposing her chest made up the litte SZA; a dynamo in her own right. Playing all the favorites off her explosive album, Ctrl, left fans smiling and screaming for almost an hour. The singer addressed the crowd a handful of times, talking about her admiration for students getting their degree and trying hard to succeed. Admitting her stoner ways before singing “Drew Barrymore” and intro-ing the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Doves In the Wind” by explicitly saying, “I wanna talk about pussy.”

The Missouri native amped the crowd up as the bass blasted behind her. She twirled and gyrated freely onstage while singing her biggest hit, “Love Galore”. The setlist also included “Go Gina,” “Normal Girl,” “The Weekend,” “Broken Clocks,” and “Garden (Say It Like Dat)”.

She professed her love for the crowd and then hopped offstage with the biggest smile. But just as the band was about to pack up, she came over the mic and said “WAIT, do you wanna do ’20 Something’? We should sing it together.” A song about getting older and living life in your 20’s. Her vocals were impeccable as she ended the song singing “God bless you, God bless you” over and over, just how you hear it in the song. She stops and says, “I couldn’t leave without saying God bless you.”

I would see SZA again every night for the rest of my life if I could.


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