AG5: Thank You, Next

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Recently, the pop star has been quite vocal on social media regarding her upcoming fifth album. Through fan questions and her own snippets, here’s what we know so far.

  1. She’s already played it for Republic Records and celebrated with champagne after (that’s gotta be a good sign).
  2. There will be no collabs on the album.
  3. The album MIGHT be called thank you, next
  4. We might hear the album before the end of the year
  5. The new material will also be featured on her upcoming Sweetener tour
  6. She says thank you, next “is kinda the exact opposite of knew better but…you’ll see.”
  7. Ariana made the album in 2-3 months
  8. Another song on the album is called “Needy”
  9. Some lyrics for “Needy” include “tell me how good it feels to be needy”
  10. The album won’t have an intro
  11. “Thank you, next” will be the last track on the album
  12. She says track one will “be your favorite”
  13. “Thank you, next” is about Pete Davidson amongst other past flames. Ariana says, “I’m so … fuckin…. grateful for my ex… tis far from a diss track… it’s the opposite”

Listen to “thank you, next” below:

On Repeat: “Savior” – Elley Duhé

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After the success of her collaboration with EDM producer/DJ Zedd (“Happy Now”), this Alabama native continues to shows off her vocal prowess on a bonus track off her album, Dragon Mentality.

“In the dead of the night, in the heart of my chest, you hide” Duhé sings in a raspy punchy pitch. “Savior” has a heavy melodic sound to it. Hip-hop-esque backbeats and diverse vocal runs make this song as powerful musically as it is lyrically.

Poetic lyrics shed light on the meaning of saviors. Duhé spoke about the song saying, “Savior is a song about the bonds that keep us together – we save each other every day… when we can help each other we must, when we can love each other we must, we will save us in the end.”

Listen for yourself below: