Gift Guide for Music Lovers

Merch: Find his/her favorite artist/band, check their site for cool merch, and order!! So many artists have awesome merch out right now (yes, I’m going to say Ariana Grande again, but I actually wear the God Is A Woman sweater every day). Halsey and LANY also have really cool clothing out right now.

Vinyl records: For people who own a record player, this is the BEST gift. Buy them a nostalgic record from their past or a current one you know they love front to back. Not only is it collectible but a great addition to any music lovers bedroom, office, or workspace. Urban Outfitters has a fantastic vinyl selection. Also, try browsing thrift stores or vintage shops for older albums.

Portable charger: This will go down as one of the best gifts any millennial can receive. There’s nothing worse than a dying phone when you’re on the go and want to listen to music. The best part is, you can buy these pretty much anywhere. Walmart, Target, Marshall’s, etc, and they aren’t that expensive!

Headphones: As an avid music listener myself, headphones are essential. I tend to wear earbuds for casual listening and own a pair of the JBL Wireless headphones for the gym. Wireless is the perfect option for people who use more machinery (cords can get messy, pull, and cause injury). Beats are also a very reliable brand and they have INSANELY good music quality. Definitely, do your research, read reviews, and focus on a pair that will fit the recipients’ lifestyle.

Concert tickets: This is always the perfect gift for any diehard music lover. Concert tickets can get expensive, so it’s even better to get them as a gift! Artists like Ariana Grande, The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, Fleetwood Mac, and more, are all on tour right now. Ticketmaster and Seat Geek are two sites I usually use to get the best deals on tickets (also, get that pre-sale code whenever you can by signing up for artists’ email lists).



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