On Repeat: “Diving” – Bridgit Mendler

On this euphoric track, Mendler muddles through a relationship filled with endless love. Her vocals are borderline angelic as a hypnotic beat makes you switch the song onto repeat for the rest of your life. “Now I’m at the elevation from a different view, looking at the haze we once were, I’m diving back into you,” each verse is sung with such control further pushing its genuine meaning.

The former Disney Channel star has proven herself in the pop music scene, not by spewing out radio hits, but instead producing some unique tracks that show off her artistry (and her stellar songwriting which is poetic as ever.) “Diving” is one of her best to date.



Music Video Roundup!

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2.) “Don’t Let Me Be Yours” – Zara Larsson


3.) “Jump Out the Window” – Big Sean 


4.) “Dennis Rodman” – Mansionz


5.) “Can’t Bring This Down” – Bridgit Mendler feat. Pell



Who You Need: Bridgit Mendler


Image via pcwallart.com

WHO: Bridgit Mendler

WHERE: Washington, D.C.


SONGS: “Atlantis”, “Ready or Not”



Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus. All Disney-bred pop stars. There’s no denying that each one is talented in their own right. Could Disney be the best talent agency ever?

Enter Bridgit Mendler, former actress on the hit Disney show “Good Luck Charlie,” where she also sang the title song. 2012 sparked her debut album Hello My Name Is… , flooded with the usual pop noise. But 2016 brought something different from Ms. Mendler. A little more musical production, a slight genre change, and more vocal focus has proven this Disney bopper is more than just another laughable pop toy…

Her popular single, “Atlantis” off her 2016 EP titled, Nemesis comes to mind when I think of expanded musical production. Muffled/distorted vocals and R&B back beats spice things up. A rap cameo chimes in on the tail end of the track racking in more of a hip-hop sound that fits her like a glove.

On “Temperamental Love” we hear a similar sound from the pop singer. Rapper, Devontee kicks this one off spitting out the struggles of modern-day dating,”Girl, you ain’t the only one that’s all alone, Hell, I’m only seeing you on the phone, what’s a FaceTime? I need face-to-face time.” The high-pitched chorus praises that love anyways as Mendler sings, “Temperamental love taking over me, all the lows shake my bones every time you leave, but I can’t escape the thought of you, boy.” The naivety in her voice contrasts with the mature beat and lyrics making the song a pleasant pop surprise.

Mendler wrote the lyrics for Love and also produced the song. Showing off her various skills, fans can expect more heat from the singer coming soon.