The New Christmas Club

Holiday singles keep sliding onto Spotify just waiting to be played in your living room while you decorate your tree and sip hot cocoa. Here are some of my faves so far!

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” – Demi Lovato


“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Sabrina Carpenter


“Last Christmas” – Stanaj


“#1HappyHoliday” – DRAM




Demi: Simply Complicated

simply complicated

Watching “Simply Complicated” after listening to Demi’s latest album, Tell Me You Love Me just makes sense. The documentary highlights the Disney star turned pop singer as the confident woman she is today. Not only does it chronicle her journey to stardom but features insights from the people who were/are closest to her in her darkest times.

Demi sits down for an interview and admits she’s nervous. When asked why, she says the last time she did an interview this long she was coked out. This statement paves the way for the next hour and 18 minutes; raw honesty about subjects that need to be talked about. Substance abuse, eating disorders, mental issues, violence, Demi remains honest about each topic with no filter in between. She talks about how her eating disorder has come back recently, how working out helped with her anger and mental issues, and how substance abuse almost led to her death.

“The key to being happy is to tell your truth” says Lovato. She talked in depth about her love life when mentioning her six year relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama. After the breakup she realized she forgot what it was like to be alone. Her latest album touches on this in an emotional yet beautiful way. We see Demi, now in her element, flirting and talking to other people, playing the field and having fun in the dating scene; something she hasn’t been comfortable with for a long time. Tell Me You Love Me does a perfect job at expressing Demi’s pent up lovebird-side.


demi lovato
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Now back to why we know Demi in the first place; the music. We see her in the studio thrusting out every note as hard as she can. She goes over and over to make sure every run and verse is perfect. When a studio friend tells her she did a good job, she says “I know…I mean…thank you”. The confident Demi is all over this album; confident in her sexuality, confident in her business, confident in herself. While explaining why “Sorry Not Sorry” should be the lead single off this album, Demi says it’s the fun side fans need to see from her. She didn’t want people to remember her music as “heavy” she wanted to bring fun back, like we saw with 2015’s “Cool for the Summer”. So, she poured her heart out, danced more, laughed more, and created one of her best albums to date. 

If there’s one thing I learned while watching “Simply Complicated”, it’s that Demi Lovato is as truthful as it gets. She’ll be honest with herself and her fans, no matter what. It’s only going to get better from here on forward for Demi.



Music Video Roundup!

1.) “Sorry Not Sorry” – Demi Lovato


2.) “Human Touch” – Betty Who


3.) “RIP” – Olivia O’Brien


4.) “One I Want” – Majid Jordan feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR


5.) “Palm Blvd” – Jake Miller


6.) “Know No Better (feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo)” – Major Lazer


7.) “Why” – Sabrina Carpenter




Music Video Roundup!

1.) “The Sound” – The 1975

One day before the release of their sophomore album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, pop synth Kings, The 1975, released their music video for their next hit, “The Sound”. Featuring pink neon hues and mean comments leaving an underlying subliminal message. Words like pretentious, unimaginative, annoying, boring, recycled, wannabees, etc. all briefly flash across the scene as the band dances around doing what they do best; play their music.


2.) “Stone Cold” – Demi Lovato

When I heard Demi was making a music video for this song, I knew it had to be just as epic as the vocals heard on it. She definitely did it justice. Lovato is seen in a bathtub, curled up by a fire, and trudging through a winter wonderland. Her flawless pale skin and raw emotion helps you find the beauty in every word she sings.


3.) “Work” – Rihanna feat. Drake

Seven and a half minutes of Rihanna seducing Drake?? OKAY. The first set is in a steamy nightclub where the ladies are twerking and getting down, the second? An intimate living room scene where Rihanna flirts with Drake using her twinkling eyes and trance-like hip rotations. This video will have you rooting for Drihanna for real… ❤


4.) “Colors” – Halsey

Halsey plays an innocent young daughter as her mother looks to find love. Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey plays the hunky high school jock who has the perfect cute smile and tennis skills. Blue is a major theme in the video as you see in almost every frame, not to mention the overall blue filter of the video itself. But, wait until the end… This video is not what I wanted it to be.


5.) “Youth” – Troye Sivan

Taking a slight departure from the heavy Blue Neighborhood music video trilogy Troye released several months ago, “Youth” is energetic and cute. “My youth is yours” echoes in your mind as you watch Sivan & friends dance around a house party filled with balloons, cups, and multi-colored twinkle lights. “Youth” is everything you thought it would be, not to mention tons of close ups of the eternally adorable Mr. Sivan.


6.) “It’s You” – Zayn Malik

Malik decides to prove his singing chops once again with this gorgeous love ballad. Directed by Ryan Hope (Sam Smith, “Lay Me Down”, Disclosure feat. Lorde, “Magnets”), “You” provides a melancholy look into the breakup between Malik and singer Perrie Edwards. The black & white video leaves a timeless look to it and scenes are slowed down to make you feel the emotional connection between Malik and the blonde beauty. You can watch the video only on Apple Music.



7.) “Work From Home” – Fifth Harmony feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Back at it again with the next club anthem. Taking hints from Rihanna, the girls twerk around a construction site singing “Work, work, work”. Lots of hair flips, booty poppin’, and sultry glances. Also, construction guys NEVER look like this…




VMA Special! (All you need to know)

Notorious hot mess Miley Cyrus was the host

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Kanye West received the Video Vanguard (“a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas”) award.

Demi looked HOT for the summer

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Taylor brought her Bad Blood squad AND premiered her music video for her next single “Wildest Dreams”:

Nicki brought some Trinidad culture to the stage rocking a gorgeous headdress accompanied by a team of talented dancers. Swift joined her, further making me believe that their Twitter feud was merely staged to get an even bigger rise out of the crowd once Swift was seen ascending onto the stage…

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Nicki put Miley on blast for talking s*** in the news about her.

Jared Leto proved it doesn’t matter what color his hair is, he’s still sexy.

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Justin Bieber proved his dancing chops with his summer smash, “Where Are U Now” and new single, “What Do You Mean?” and then cried after?

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Way too many pre-taped drug-related segments with Miley Cyrus.

Big Sean won for “One Man Can Change the World” and gave a speech worth hearing.

Tori Kelly left every single ounce of her passion on the stage and it was jaw dropping.

Taylor gave Kanye West his award. TAYLOR SWIFT.

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Kanye gives a long winded speech filled with “Bros” and a lot of angry yelling then boldly announces he’s running for President in 2020. Yes, you read that right.

Twenty One Pilots & A$AP Rocky gave an electrifying performance of “Heavy Dirty Soul”, “Lane Boy” and A$AP’s “L$D”.

image via: getty
image via: getty

Taylor won for “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space”…Are you surprised?

Miley gave a very colorful finale performance singing once again about how much she loves drugs; “Yeah, I smoke pot.” Then said her new album is out right now for free online…hmmmmm….

That’s all folks. See you tomorrow! 😉


“New Chapter, New Demi”

demi lovato

“I’m no longer serious…I’m done with the sob stories. New chapter, new life, new album, new single, this is a completely new Demi.” A cool Demi Lovato said to Ryan Seacrest recently on his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest .

Her new single, “Cool for the Summer” came out this past week just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations. A sultry Demi is heard on the verses and the gritty-rock Demi is heard on the chorus. “Don’t tell your mother, kiss one another, die for each other, we’re cool for the summer” are the lyrics Lovato spits out on her new rebellious track.

Seacrest quizzed Demi on her new music, including her motivation behind her new sound; “I’ve spent so long focusing on just kind of people pleasing, making everybody happy with being the best role model I can be. At the end of the day, yes I am outspoken about the things I believe in…I have all these things that make me a role model, but at the same time none of these things are really representing the bad ass that I am.” Get it girl!

Lovato and Ryan Seacrest
Lovato and Ryan Seacrest

Lovato had help from producer mastermind Max Martin in the studio. Martin is responsible for early pop hits from Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys and newer tunes from Taylor Swift and of course…Lovato herself. “I did this song (“Cool for the Summer”) with Max Martin…the trickiest part about this song was trying to not make the song too rock so that it could still go mainstream and not make it too pop to where its not rock anymore,” said Lovato.

She also told Seacrest that her album will feature a lot more provocative lyrics and ‘new’ elements. “I have a lot of rhythmic flares in there as well…There’s nobody in the pop industry that says ‘Don’t f*** with me’. I am totally that but in pop music,” she says.

Demi has already proved her singing chops with emotional songs like “Skyscraper” and her pop chops with songs like, “Really Don’t Care”, so now is her time to take risks and get a little saltier. She tells Seacrest, “There’s a side of me that people don’t get to see with my past music, but it’s been there. Just because I’m sober doesn’t mean that I’m judging anybody else for their stuff and it also doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a damn good time back then either.”

Although there’s no name for the album yet Lovato says, “I do love naming my albums after songs. It’ll (the title) come to me when it’s ready, just like the music.”

Could Demi’s next album be titled Cool for the Summer??

-Abbey 🙂