The Band Camino’s “Heaven”

band camino
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The Band Camino’s 5-track EP feels so good. Waves of nostalgic love and summer happiness wash over every song as one spills flawlessly into the next. Themes of California sunshine transcend throughout, but these Memphis natives know how to keep rock alive.

Opening track, “California” feels like a love letter. “I’ve been home, I’m waitin on ya, drove all the way from California,” repeat over and over making love a sense of urgency. The buildup then breakdown at 4:15 make you wish you were lacing up your Converse for a Warped Tour set.

The band spoke out about their new music on Instagram saying, “Taking feelings and thoughts and turning them into something tangible is a careful task. But we have done our very very best to give you the most honest expression of the band that we are. We hope that these songs are there when you need them forever and always.”

“What I Want” starts off with the words, “Second chances, they don’t bother me.” Lyrics build and build to a chant-heavy chorus reminiscent of one of the band’s main influences, pop/alt band Walk the Moon. While the message is about failing and never getting what you want, the overarching element of “moving on” is prominent. A similar message is shared on the bands lead single, “My Thoughts On You.” Another love letter begging for an ending to turn into another beginning; “and I know this, I fell for your eyes, I just realized, I still need you.” The band has mastered their own sound with glistening guitar melodies and triumphant choruses.

Learn more about The Band Camino, here.


Beyonce’s “Heaven” is just that

It’s 12:48 am and I can’t sleep. I listen to “Heaven” by Beyonce and relive some of the most pivotal moments in my life: the death of loved ones, the life of new ones, the tears I’ve cried, the laughs I’ve laughed, the smiles I’ve smiled, the love I’ve given, the love I’ve received. Life is nothing without love.

“Heaven couldn’t wait for you, so go on, go home” may be the most heartbreaking lyrics we have ever heard Beyonce sing.

“Heaven” floods our ears with a haunting piano melody and heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics that flow as effortlessly as a prayer. Beyonce proves that the power of love is just that…power.

“I fought for you the hardest, it made me the strongest” the song is obviously referring to the miscarriage Beyonce suffered a few years back. The steady piano and quiet enchanting background vocals make the song a symbol of raw emotion.

“Heaven” ends with a Spanish translation of the “Our Father” that further proves the impact of a simple song about the pure feeling of a love that was  lost.

It is now 1:19 am and I’m crying, but now I think I can go to sleep.