Top Songs from “A Star Is Born”

Although this film is riddled with insanely beautiful melodies, hooks, and duets, there are a couple songs that really hit me the most. I may be biased since I’m an OG little monster at heart (where my Gaga fans at?)

We can all agree Lady Gaga is one of the best vocalists of our generation, not only proving her vocal chops but her acting skills are superb beyond belief. Truly born a star. While B Coop shocked us all by embodying the cliche drunk country singer we’ve all seen before. The country-rock theme bouncing out of him seemed natural and real. It felt as though this music wasn’t compiled for a movie soundtrack but instead already existed. I think that means a job well done…

Best Gaga Songs You Forgot About

In honor of Lady Gaga’s return to stardom as the sultry and mysterious vampire Countess on American Horror Story: Hotel, I thought it would be fun to revisit her music career and some of the best Gaga songs you might have forgot existed.


“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” – One of my favorites off her electric ultra pop debut, The Fame.

“Monster” – From, The Fame Monster. The lyrics are hilarious and the dance beat gets trapped in your head for days.

“So Happy I Could Die” – This chorus is crazy addicting and the hip-hop infused snaps give off the coolest vibes. Also on, The Fame Monster.

“Black Jesus + Amen Fashion” – I’ve always loved this one and thought it should’ve got more recognition. The lyrics are insanely unique. From her provocative and experimental album, Born This Way.

“Government Hooker” – One of the raciest songs off, Born This Way. For some reason this beat is crazy infectious. Gaga punchily shouts, “Yeah you’re my hooker, government hooker.” My mom never liked when I played this one…

“Swine” – Definitely one of the hardest Gaga songs to date, with help from EDM master, Zedd, how could this not be fire? The build up to the drop is as hard as a dance beat can get. This song has been on my workout playlist ever since I first heard it and that’s where it’ll stay. People underestimate how dope Gaga can get. Featured on her last album, ArtPop.

“G.U.Y” – This is just a fun song to sing along to. It’s a generous mix of electro pop/EDM with sexy lyrics and sultry vocals. One of the best off of ArtPop.

“Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” – Just in case you’re a die-hard fan, I’m sure you were jamming to Cheek to Cheek, because I was. Gaga’s voice was absolutely angelic on this one. Such a classic jazz song that we can appreciate even now in 2015.

Although Gaga is on a break from her singing career, I’m sure she’ll be back in no time to shock us once again with her unpredictable musicality and artistic vision.


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