On Repeat: “Girl” by Maren Morris

“Man, this shit’s unflatterin'” are the opening lyrics of Maren Morris’ most powerful single to date. “GIRL” is an ode to women everywhere with a simple message “love each other and love yourself.”

The fact that Morris even opened with the word “unflattering” is a statement in itself. Women everywhere feel that word on a personal level, and maybe even feel like it weighs them down at times. Maren discussed “GIRL” and how it started out with a different vision when she first wrote it, saying, “The inspiration really came from a tift I was having with a friend of mine who’s also in the music industry, and is a woman, and we’re actually very similar…I started this song as almost like a plea to this other woman, like, “Can we please just get our shit together and be cool?” And then, like an hour into the write…I had this realization that, no, I’m not writing this to her, I’m writing this to me, and that sucked realizing that because it was honestly me looking in the mirror and being like, ‘No, this is all your shit. It’s not hers. It’s your insecurity, your bullshit, your complexes.'”

Morris does a spectacular job at switching between an inner monologue and what’s actually on the outside. Straying from a twangy cliche country song, “GIRL” features a poignant electric guitar that plays repetitively throughout the song leaving its mark on you even after it’s over.

I firmly believe everything in Morris’ career has led to this moment. A moment where genres are blown down by the powerful message that this song carries and the way it can so easily resonate with any woman who hears it. Beautiful is an understatement.

Thank you, Maren


Single Review: “The Middle”

Zedd’s latest single, “The Middle” features country newcomer Maren Morris, who proves to have the perfect voice for an EDM hook. She whines on the chorus “Why don’t you just meet me in the middle, I’m losing my mind just a little” in true Zedd pop/flirty fashion.

Although there are SEVERAL similarities to Zedd’s  2017 smash hit “Stay” featuring alt-crush Alessia Cara, “Middle” still has that pop glimmer we love so much. The female vocals are stellar and the beat drop at the chorus is just as good as it always is. Zedd’s sound continues to be niche and who cares, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Morris tweeted in support of the hot track, saying, “When Zedd comes to Nashville to record your vocal, you race there. So proud to be apart of this jam.”

Listen for yourself, below: