New Year, New Music!

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Cardi B: Fresh off her best year yet, this Bronx native is ready to make 2018 her lil b***h. Her first single, “Bodak Yellow” sparked a nationwide sing a long – breaking records along the way. Her latest explosive single is “Bartier Cardi”; a slamming rap tune ready to shatter more records. Cardi’s been working hard to make her first studio album a smash.



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BORNS: The alt/pop singer just announced his new album, Blue Madonna will be out January 12. Known for his hit, “Electric Love”, Garrett has a lot of musical ground to cover with this new album. Latest single, “I Don’t Want U Back” shows his soprano-like vocals thrown against an electronic pop background like we’ve seen on previous tracks; “American Money” and “Electric Love”. Madonna is bound to be as colorful as ever.


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Ashe: Fresh off a tour with EDM rising stars; Louis the Child, Ashe is ready to take over the pop pool. Her debut album is due in 2018. She recently told Pop Crush the album “is a total study of the human condition and relationships. I’ve struggled with self-doubt and depression and [these projects] are like a reflection of myself and how I look at the world. It’s going to be tight.” Her single, “Used To It” sets the scene for what we can expect from the singer this year – fun pop tunes with real meaning.



alina barazAlina Baraz: The sultry songstress has been teasing fans for what feels like forever. She just recently released her first music video, “Buzzin”, which is her third single this year, ahead of her first solo album due in 2018. Baraz has an enticing musical quality about her – angelic vocals with R&B basslines. A debut album will give the fans exactly what they’ve wanted for a very long time.



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Camila Cabello: After a huge public split from one of the biggest girl groups in pop music, Camila is ready to stand on her own as an artist. She originally wanted to name the album The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving but then changed her mind. “I decided to call [the album] by my name, because this is where this chapter in my life ended” she told Pop Crush. Releasing an array of singles this year proved Camila isn’t limiting herself to one sound. There’s no doubt, this album will top the charts within seconds.


A New Year, According to Paramore!

2015 is quickly approaching so I thought it would be fitting to provide you with some nuggets of wisdom to help you start a beautiful new year! As you know, my favorite band is Paramore and with them comes brilliant lyrics. I picked out various lyrics from all four of their albums to give you life knowledge as told from the flaming mouth of Hayley Williams.

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“Some things I’ll never know, and I had to let them go.”

-“Pressure”, All We Know Is Falling

“And when all security fails, Will you be there to help me through.”

-“Conspiracy”, All We Know Is Falling

“I am finding out that maybe I was wrong, that I’ve fallen down and I can’t do this alone, stay with me, this is what I need, please?”

-“My Heart”, All We Know Is Falling

“Somehow, everything’s gonna fall right into place, if we only had a way to make it all fall faster every day.”

-“Hallelujah”, Riot!

“Take these chances to turn it around, yeah take these chances and make it somehow.”

-“When It Rains”, Riot!

“Somewhere weakness is our strength, and I’ll die searching for it.”

-“Let the Flames Begin”, Riot!

“Now, we’ve learned to run from anything uncomfortable, we’ve tied our pain below and no one ever has to know that inside we’re broken.”

-“Miracle”, Riot!

“When all that is waiting for you won’t come any closer, you’ve got to reach out a little more.”

-“Careful”, Brand New Eyes

“You don’t deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you.”

-“Playing God”, Brand New Eyes

“If it’s not real you can’t hold it in your hands, you can’t feel it with your heart…but if it’s true you can see it with your eyes, even in the dark.”

-“Brick By Boring Brick”, Brand New Eyes

“See I’m trying to find my place and it might not be here where I feel safe, we all learn to make mistakes and run from them.”

-“Misguided Ghosts”, Brand New Eyes

“I could follow you to the beginning, just to relive the start, maybe then we’d remember to slow down, at all of our favorite parts.”

-“All I Wanted”, Brand New Eyes

“No one’s the same as they used to be, much as we try to pretend, no one’s as innocent as they could be, we all fall short, we all sin.”

-“Fast In My Car”, Paramore

“Some of us have to grow up sometimes, and so, if I have to I’m gonna leave you behind.”

-“Grow Up”, Paramore

“But the more I try to push it I realize, gotta let go of control.”

-“Last Hope”, Paramore

“Why you wanna please the world and leave yourself to drop dead? Someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got.”

-“Anklebiters”, Paramore

“For all the things you’re alive to feel, let the pain remind you hearts can heal.”

-“Hate to See Your Heart Break”, Paramore

“Just think of the future and think of your dreams, you’ll get away from here, you’ll get away eventually…don’t get lost in the memories, keep your eyes on a new prize.”

-“Future”, Paramore

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Rock on in 2015!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with loving family and friends!


Abbey 🙂