Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Don’t Judge Me’ Tour

The Los Angeles native’s latest album Beach House 3 scored high in the hearts of his fans. Featuring hot collabs with Lil Wayne, Future, Jeremih, Tory Lanez, and more. He kicked off his Spring “Don’t Judge Me” tour and damn…it’s a party.

Ty quite literally erupted onto the stage in a cloud of smoke and within minutes was lighting a joint. He jumped around with a fiery energy as he sang/rapped for almost two hours.

If there’s one thing you should know about Ty Dolla $ign, it’s that his features are just as good as his solo music. He performed bangers you almost forgot he was on to begin with; “Fade”, “Swalla”, and even “Work From Home”.

He also managed to show off his unique vocals on the acoustic ballad, “Famous” while giving a speech about social media and how the numbers mean nothing. Ty seems as real as it gets. He brought his best friends on tour with him and they look like they are having a blast.

Songs like, “Dawsin’s Breek”, “Droptop In the Rain”, and “Love You Better” had fans jumping and screaming in excitement. He sang more runs then Beyonce and got the audience to chant “Beach House 3” way too many times. Not to mention, invited a fan onstage to smoke with him.

Cue the blunt balloons, a killer light show, a cute documentary style film playing in the background, and a DJ worth hiring for every party for the rest of your life, and I’d say you have a successful tour.

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Live Review: The Maine

Nos·tal·gia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

“What do you need? Anything? You guys feelin good?” lead singer John O’Callaghan says sweetly to the boisterous crowd in front of him and the other four members of The Maine. A pop punk band from Arizona on their latest tour titled Modern Nostalgia. The band consciously decided that this tour would be different than previous tours; both of their latest albums Lovely Little Lonely and American Candy will be played back to back in full. Both show off the musicality still left in this band, from stretched out guitar synths to their classic pop/punk sound, and even a couple acoustic gems. Nostalgia seems to fit this bill. Nostalgic for love and everything that surrounds it seems to be the message.

A stage lined with a striped curtain reminiscent of a candy wrapper set the mood for the night; playful, sweet, and beautiful. Plush red rugs sat on the floor of the stage as the men (all in crisp white suits – which later turned to powder blue signifying a shift in the set) rocked out to some of their greatest music (in my opinion).

Songs like, “Lost In Nostalgia,” “American Candy,” and “How Do You Feel” felt even more electric live than they do when listened to through headphones. Zipped and tied up in suits didn’t stop these guys from head banging and shredding guitar for close to two hours. O’Callaghan makes sure every fan feels welcomed and happy. He high fives the one brave soul who crowd surfed, and wished the girl in the front row a happy birthday while performing. The flirty singer walks around to each band member, slapping their butts, rubbing their hair and leaning on shoulders. It’s clear the group has formed quite the brotherhood over the past 10 years and John is the ringleader elevating every moment as much as possible.

Not only do they manage to make you sing along, but they put a smile on your face, and a little sanity in your head. Like O’Callaghan preaches near the end of the show; it’s okay to not be okay, look to the people next to you, everyone’s going through something, but tonight everyone is enjoying music.


For Modern Nostalgia tour dates, visit here



Coldplay: More Than Just A Band

2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Show
Image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

“Oh, I think I landed, in a world I hadn’t seen,” rolled out of lead singer, Chris Martin’s mouth as he tumbles, twirls, and spins down a multicolored stage. He dances to every beat, and thrusts his hands up in the air, igniting a fire in the audience. It truly was a world I hadn’t seen. It was Coldplay’s world, and I would only be here for one night.

We were given white wristbands upon walking into the venue. They magically lit up with different color patterns for each song, sparking a “kid on Christmas morning” look on the faces of people all ages. Kids as young as five, and adults as old as 60 all smiled ear to ear in pure joy at watching one of the world’s greatest bands perform. There’s no doubt that experiencing a Coldplay show has a strong theme of unity and love. Not only does the band preach about it, but they show it. Martin hugs, smiles, and shoulder grabs each member of the band as he sways around the stage. All signs point to a powerful brotherhood between these four men. For a band that’s been together around 20 years, their stage presence hasn’t faded one bit. Each one truly enjoys what they do. Martin seems to be the glowing leader.

Martin looks like a kid in a mattress store, jumping from one side of the stage to the other and jumping in circles with his arms stretched out wide; almost like he’s giving the audience a big warm hug. “America even needs a little love right now,” said Martin as he began the piano interlude for “Everglow,” a song about everlasting love.


Their repertoire had enough variety to please the old fans with “Green Eyes,” “Yellow,” and “Clocks,” and the younger fans with, “Hymn for the Weekend,” “Viva la Vida,” and “Paradise.” Each song was executed just as flawlessly as the next. Guitar solos were crystal clear and harmonies were gloriously echoed through the stadium. “Viva la Vida” felt like a revolution, “The Scientist” felt like love, “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” felt like happiness, and “A Sky Full of Stars” felt like a party.

Coldplay has a unifying power over people that is beautiful to witness. This tour proves their incredible sense of musicality and their powerful legacy.





Ariana Grande concert!


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Ariana Grande LIVE and it was everything I hoped it would be and more! Not to mention the best early birthday present ever! My friends and I walked into the stadium through a flock of 10-13 year olds wearing their blinking Ariana cat ears (which were $40…no thanks…hello DIY). We grabbed a pretzel, tried to wait in the merch line…then decided to skip it and head to our seats. We were in the stands but had a perfect view of the stage in its entirety. The show start to finish is a massive production. Gorgeous lights, clear sound, fantastic choreography, and incredible visuals were everywhere during The Honeymoon World Tour. It’s easy to see that everyone on this team work day in and day out to make the show perfection every single time its done.

An almost 20-song setlist provided fans with the best Ariana playlist you could imagine, even playing her Major Lazer song from The Hunger Games, “All My Love”, her older unreleased track “Pink Champagne”, and a perfected cover/mashup of “I’m Every Woman/Vogue”. She talked to the crowd a couple times reminding everyone of how cute they are and expressed how thankful she is that everyone came to see her perform. There’s no doubt Ariana Grande will go down in history as a pop diva.


Most of the time she was strutting across the stage in her white sparkly Louboutin’s as her thick flowing hair bopped around to her every move. She kept up with the choreography while belting out every note even better than you hear it coming out of your car speakers. It’s almost as if she downplays her singing on her CD’s and then blows the roof off every venue when she performs them live. Grande makes every song sound effortless in the most angelic way. I was almost waiting for her to grow wings and fly back to the magical place she must’ve come from, because a voice like hers is truly one in a million.


Slower more sentimental songs like, “Honeymoon Avenue”, “Tattooed Heart”, and “My Everything” showcased her voice even more, and brought serious tears to my eyes. A sweet homage to her late grandfather brought the rest of the fans to tears as his voice was heard through the stadium giving Ariana words of encouragement for the rest of her life. Grande’s show start to finish was personal in the coolest ways.

Outfit changes, chandeliers, large clouds, sparks, confetti bombs-it’s safe to say Grande literally had it all. She was the epitome of a pop princess on a world tour. The bigger the better.

The spark-tastic finale feature the Queen herself.
The spark-tastic finale feature the Queen herself.

-Abbey 🙂