Spotlight On: The Weeknd

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Sultry crooner, The Weeknd recently released two new songs off his upcoming album Chapter |||; “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face”. Both give fans the two things they love most about The Weeknd; that sexy falsetto and a crazy good vibe. I haven’t always been a fan of The Weeknd, some of his earlier songs are a little too racy for my liking, but this new batch of music could be changing my mind. The music is less vulgar (AKA- radio ready) and more in tune with what’s poppin’ in the music scene as of lately.

“The Hills” is a moody/darker tune, touching on a sexual relationship; “I only call you when it’s half-past, five, the only time I’d ever call you mine.” Abel’s voice drags nonchalantly through the verses as the story progresses. The chorus is sinister-like with heavy bass while Abel’s voice takes front and center. His infamous muffled vocals add a haunting element to the song, especially near the end as he sweetly sings “the hills have eyes, the hills have eyes, who are you to judge?”. “The Hills” is a slow-going song, something only certain people could enjoy listening to. Late night cruises with friends is what this is meant for.

On the other hand, “Can’t Feel My Face” is a straight up pop tune. My first thoughts while listening to this song…MICHAEL JACKSON. Abel’s voice on the verses is so so insanely similar to MJ, it’s incredible. His punchy word annunciations add to the immediate dance groove of the song. The backup vocals near the end are something you would hear off a funky greatest hits album. This is pop with a twist of modern R&B, sung by a man who is capable of harnessing so many different energies just with the wavering tone of his voice. There’s no doubt, The Weeknd, is a truly unique artist who spends time creating his music, which is essentially his art.

Safe to say, this next chapter will be glorious to listen to.


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