Who You Need: Flume 

Photo: konbini.com

WHO: Flume 

WHERE: Sydney, Australia

GENRE: Electronic

TOP SONGS: “Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran”, “Holdin On”, and “Drop the Game feat. Chet Faker”.

The electronic God is back. Flume is known for his insane beats that pulse through your veins. His latest single, “Never Be Like You” (feat. Kai) is pure magic.

Not only are Kai’s soprano vocals angelic, but the production is heavy when necessary and mellow when appropriate. Flume brings life to electronic music through pretty musical tones and edgy lyrics. This isn’t your average song, it has emotional layers to it.

“You” is an apology; “I’m only human can’t you see? I made a mistake, please just look me in my face, tell me everything’s okay.” Kai proceeds to sing, “I’ll never be like you.” Although the lyrics are heartbreaking, the music provides a powerful contrast and somewhat positive glimmer into a brighter future.

Flume throws this song in your face and you can’t help but be completely consumed by it.


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