Music Monday: Unstoppable



Key Item: Leather jacket

Key Materials: Ripped denim & soft knits

Shoe Situation: Common Projects chelsea desert boot

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If there’s one thing we all know about Sia, it’s that she knows how to make you feel. Her latest single, “Unstoppable” is your new power anthem. She chants, “I don’t need batteries to play, I’m so confident, yeah, I’m unstoppable today.” Her voice shines in this song, as it always does. Every note sounds impeccable and the beat compliments her perfectly. The pounding drums make this song movie-score ready at any moment. Much like her other single, “Alive”, “Unstoppable” proves that Sia’s new album This Is Acting will be all about self-empowerment. Sounds good to me. January 29 can’t get here fast enough…

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