The Prap Formula

“Bad Things” – Machine Gun Kelly feat. Camilla Cabello


We’ve heard it before and we’re hearing it again. A rapper spitting game on the verses while a popular female singer croons a hook you can never get out of your brain. “Airplanes (B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams / 2010),” “Empire State of Mind (Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys / 2009),” and more recently, “Me, Myself, and I (G-Eazy feat. Bebe Rexha / 2015).” It seems to be a foolproof formula that results in mega airplay and a lot of new fans. Ask me how much I listen to Machine Gun Kelly. None. But you bet I learned every word to “Things” before I even pulled into work on Friday. Camilla’s voice is absolute pop perfection as she enchantingly sings, “Am I out of my head? am I out of my mind?…Don’t think that I can explain it, what can I say, it’s complicated.”

While listening to Machine Gun Kelly rap, you realize he’s not that great of a rapper. He seems to be in the minor leagues of the rap genre. You almost just wait and wait for the chorus to play again so you can sing along with Camilla, as if she’s guiding you along a moonlit path while miniature twinkle lights line the dirt behind her delicate prancing baby feet. “Bad Things” proves her vocals are worthy of a solo project, MORE than worthy. Camilla is no stranger to collabing, her duet with newcomer Shawn Mendes, “I Know What You Did Last Summer” skyrocketed on the pop charts and even went gold.

The truth is, “Bad Things” is good, but in about two months, people won’t be listening to it anymore. It’s a solid song for right now, but nothing substantial. What’s B.o.B up to these days? No idea, because he never texts me back. Just kidding. Machine Gun Kelly needs to grow his fanbase and that’s exactly what this song will do for him. So, kudos to Kelly for mastering this formula for people to latch onto once again.


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