Live EDM Series: What So Not

Australian record producer Emoh Instead shook The Westcott Theatre (Syracuse, NY) to its core last night. He goes by the name of What So Not and he’s an expert at melting faces.

His latest single released in September “Better” follows suit with the rest of his production; tons of bass claps, catchy lyrics, and a punchy drop. The live show goes above and beyond to highlight his unique array of discography. Some tracks are vocal heavy; “Buried”, “High You Are”, and “Trust”, while others keep the insanely eclectic EDM beats we know and get hype to; “Waiting” and “Tell Me”.

Not only was the music trance-like, but the show behind Emoh was just as good. The lights and visuals mirrored each song respectively; showing music video snippets, kaleidoscope shapes, and mixed patterns jolting with each bass drop or vocal dip.

I highly recommend seeing What So Not on tour. You’ll sweat out all the beer you drank in less than an hour.



Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see live concert videos and check back next week for Part 2 of my Live EDM Series with Whethan!


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