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Troye Sivan: It’s like he had his yellow dress moment. He busted through the big doors and strutted out of nowhere like the Queen B herself. Sivan’s explosive single, “My My My” melted pop fans faces everywhere. You can feel the freedom from the first note of the chorus. In the music video, Sivan spins in circles and struts around flailing his head in pure bliss and fresh happiness. Bleached hair and cuffed jeans are his new aesthetic – a pop dream, if you will. Sivan hinted that this album is his best music yet.


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Ansel Elgort: There’s nothing he can’t do. Elgort has always been unique when it comes to music. “Home Alone” sparked his entrance into the EDM/pop world, but now, latest single “Supernova” proves his hip-hop/rap elements are here to SLAY. The lyrics seem to mumble out of his mouth in a sultry yet enticing way. Production is through the roof intense, and the lyrics are storyteller perfection.


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Cautious Clay: Promising a full-length this year, Clay is a genre all his own. Pulsing electro pop with a bit of folk, soul, and so much more. It’s hard to describe, but easy to feel. Latest single “Juliet & Caesar” proves to be another symbolic track. Shortened lyrics make for epic affirmations said in the most poetic ways; “Honesty is still the route, we respect only doubt, cus we falling either ways we down and out.” Be on the lookout for more Cautious Clay this year.



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Justin Timberlake: “Filthy” marked the pop king’s return since 2013’s The 20/20 Experience. Different is an understatement. This new JT floored me – I didn’t like it at first listen. But then I listened again, in the car, in my headphones, at the gym. The beat is epic and the sound is so unexpected. It feels new, fun, and a little dance-y. A little bit Daft Punk, a little bit Justified. I expect the new album to feature more surprises that’ll leave you just as floored as I was.














Who You Need: San Holo


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WHO: San Holo

WHERE: Netherlands

GENRE: EDM/Electronic

TOP SONG: “Light”


His latest musical release, The Trip – EP is what initially drew me to San Holo. There’s something euphoric to his sound. It’s easy to classify him as background music when you don’t fully listen to the level of production he puts into each track. Layers upon layers of saturated beats that make you feel immensely.

Opening track, “trip” starts with a woman’s inviting voice saying, “Hi there boys and girls, would you like to come on a wonderful trip with me?”. The opening pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the EP; a wonderful trip you can’t help but be pulled through, like a never-ending kaleidoscope. I can’t wait to hear another full length from San Holo.



On Repeat: “Mine Luv” (feat. H.E.R.)

As if, H.E.R. hasn’t taken over enough lately, she partnered with BLVK JVCK on a hot new track. This DJ duo makes a hypnotic beat that glides behind the vocals as smooth as the lyrics come out. “Do you just want somebody to touch on your body? Do you just want a love that’s just us, never broke.” The lyrics divide up physical love versus emotional love while H.E.R. pleads with her love interest for something real.

The chorus is partially sung in a beautiful falsetto, while the backbeat plays a game of catch-up. A slight EDM sound tweaks the vocals giving the song more of an upbeat feel; like we see illustrated in the dance-oriented music video.