Who You Need: San Holo


image via daily-beat.com


WHO: San Holo

WHERE: Netherlands

GENRE: EDM/Electronic

TOP SONG: “Light”


His latest musical release, The Trip – EP is what initially drew me to San Holo. There’s something euphoric to his sound. It’s easy to classify him as background music when you don’t fully listen to the level of production he puts into each track. Layers upon layers of saturated beats that make you feel immensely.

Opening track, “trip” starts with a woman’s inviting voice saying, “Hi there boys and girls, would you like to come on a wonderful trip with me?”. The opening pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the EP; a wonderful trip you can’t help but be pulled through, like a never-ending kaleidoscope. I can’t wait to hear another full length from San Holo.



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