Favorite Holiday Movie Soundtracks!

(Image via tunefind.com)


Possibly one of the most quotable movies of all time; Elf continues to be a holiday favorite. Including classic artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Leon Redbone and newer singers like Zooey Deschanel, all your favorite holiday hits are covered. “Pennies From Heaven” will be bopping in your head for days to come.

The Polar Express:

Grab your LL Bean slippers and run outside to hop on The Polar Express. A soundtrack full of angelic Christmas songs that could send you to sleep any night (listen to “When Christmas Comes To Town” and Josh Groban’s impeccable “Believe”). Tom Hanks’ standout anthem to our favorite holiday beverage is catchy and fun for even the grandparents watching the film.

Beauty and the Beast:

Of course I’m referring to the 2017 remake starring Emma Watson as the elegant and independent Belle. If her petite voice singing “How Does A Moment Last Forever” doesn’t make you cry, I don’t believe you’re human…Don’t even get me started on the Ariana Grande and John Legend version of the title track, “Beauty and the Beast”. Both voices cover ever range in perfect harmony. Need some comic relief? Josh Gad proves to be the perfect sidekick as he croons in the hilarious “Gaston”.

Love Actually:

If you’ve never listened to this soundtrack, stop what you’re doing and listen right now. Love Actually gives you all the holiday spirit without over-saturating the music in Christmas themes. “God Only Knows” and “White Christmas” keep the vintage feel to the already sweet and heartwarming soundtrack.


One listen to “Love Is An Open Door” and I’m singing it in my car at 8 am on the way to work… Kristen Bell is the Disney Princess we never knew we needed. Themes of family, love, and independence run through this soundtrack at every turn, especially on “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” and the iconic anthem, “Let It Go”.



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