Female Artists Taking Over In 2019!

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Julia Michaels: The alt-pop singer/songwriter plans to release a new EP titled Inner Monologue Pt 1 on Jan 25th. Michaels says, “Couldn’t be more nervous if I tried. But here’s a piece of my mind and my heart.” The 5-song EP also includes features with Selena Gomez and ex-1D member Niall Horan. Monologue might be her most personal music to date.

Lennon Stella: After a stellar (get it?) 2018, this 19 year old is ready to hijack the pop scene. Her debut EP Love, Me exploded in the hearts of fans everywhere. Detailing a heartbreaking relationship and the ups and downs of love, Stella proves age is indeed just a number. Poise beyond her years, this Canadian native has a unique soft and comfy rhythm mixed with poetic lyrics. The singer has been teasing new music for a couple months and fans are salivating for more.

Ariana Grande: An explosive single like “thank you next” will go down in history as that bad ass bitch song we all remember the words to. Grande has been creating her next album since last fall and it will be nothing short of incredible. While answering fan questions on Twitter, the singer said there will be no features and a third single released before the album is dropped. “two albums in six months huh. that’s deep. love u. talk soon.”

Maggie Rogers: I consider Rogers the underdog these days. We were all like “oh ‘Alaska’ cute song Maggie.” Then she released “Give A Little” and we were like “okay Mags this is a fun one.” Then she released her full length debut album Heard It In A Past Life and we were like “okay WOW Maggie Rogers you have both crushed and hugged my soul all in one sitting.” This is an INSANELY epic debut album. It’s eclectic, fun, pretty, and so much more. “Say It”, “Burning”, and “Overnight” stand out among the rest. 2019 will be Maggie’s year.

Carly Rae Jepsen: Listen to Jepsen’s latest single, “Party for One” and tell me you’re not a fan… a fun pop anthem about being single? We’re all here for it. The pop singer has been promising new music for a while now and 2019 is her year to shine. Let’s pray for more dance-y pop vibes!

Miley Cyrus: It’s safe to say the Mark Ronson-assisted “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” has fans drooling for more new Miley music. “Heart” feels new and real, a style we can get used to from the usually scandalous and unpredictable artist. The Tennessee born singer is ready for a thrilling new year in the spotlight (with a cute new hubby by her side).

Rihanna: Let’s hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying I think we’re getting a new Rihanna album this year… The singer has been tight lipped about too many details but sources say she’s been in the studio for a while cooking up TONS of new tunes. 2019 marks 3 years since the unique and bar-raising Anti; an album that paved the way for other pop stars to break down and branch out (listen to “Same Old Mistakes” and “Love On the Brain”). Cheers to Rihanna’s comeback, I hope we declare it a national holiday.


5 thoughts on “Female Artists Taking Over In 2019!

  1. Julia Michaels is definitely a gal I’m keeping my eye on, and I’m SO excited to see Lennon getting more and more notice and recognition!! Also here’s hoping Rihanna releases some music soon, fingers crossed! xx

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