My Favorite Music Podcasts!


Switched On Pop: I stumbled upon this podcast a little over a year ago and always catch up whenever I can. Not only do Nate and Charlie dissect songs down to the tiniest note, but they date back musical themes to even classical times. You WILL feel as though you fully understand a song after you listen to their analytically genius conversations.

Rebel Hearts: I’ve interviewed Sam before. She is the mastermind behind this genius podcast focusing on music and women in music (and our opinions on music.) As a fellow Paramore lover, Sam speaks to the pop/punk/alt lover in all of us through simple conversations with friends and an eye-opening lyrical analysis.

Song Exploder: Their recent episode is with Mumford and Sons. The Grammy-winning band explains the song “Beloved” off their latest album. I love Song Exploder because all of the information comes straight from the artists mouth; no assumptions or digging here…what you hear is what you get.


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-Abbey 🙂


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