On Repeat: “Just Thought You Should Know” – Betty Who

With the arrival of Betty Who‘s third album, titled Betty, comes 90’s infused pop ballads and dance tunes meant to bring smiles and memories to all who listen. “Just Thought You Should Know” feels retro and emotional; a true standout on one of her shiniest albums to date.

Betty shed light on the song saying, “‘Just Thought You Should Know’ is one of the songs I’m the most proud of in my career. I’m really emotional (duh) and in relationships sometimes it’s impossible to share that with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you, even if they did at one time in your lives.”

She sweetly sings, “I can still feel you, you’re everywhere, I can taste your lips, hear your voice in my head.” Poignant Whitney Houston-esque beats and simple pop chords make this song heartbreakingly magical. Following the typical pop formula, Betty’s voice takes on softer notes and swiftly works her way up to a belted chorus.

Listen for yourself here:

Also watch this gorgeous stripped down version:

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Music Video Roundup!

1.) “Sorry Not Sorry” – Demi Lovato


2.) “Human Touch” – Betty Who


3.) “RIP” – Olivia O’Brien


4.) “One I Want” – Majid Jordan feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR


5.) “Palm Blvd” – Jake Miller


6.) “Know No Better (feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo)” – Major Lazer


7.) “Why” – Sabrina Carpenter




My NMF Picks


image: josepvinaixa.com

“Miss You” by Gabrielle Aplin

Usually crooning in a singer/songwriter haze of acoustics, Aplin flips to the pop side with her latest single, “Miss You.” Her voice is pure and pretty as she sings, “Oh God I miss you too, it’s all I ever do.” The Kygo-like vibe suits her well as the beat bounces nonchalantly. Aplin proves her stint in pop could be permanent.



“I Would Like” by Zara Larsson 

image: fotpforums.com

After the overwhelming success of “Never Forget You”, the Swedish native is back with a saucy single titled, “I Would Like.” She keeps pop alive as her shockingly powerful voice sings, “I would like to get to know you baby, I would like to get under your sexy body.” Combining pop and electronic elements, fans can’t wait to hear Larsson’s album (come 2017, hopefully.)




image: 9xshare.com


“Blow You Up (feat. AlunaGeorge & Less is Moore)” by Yogi, Less is Moore, AlunaGeorge

Throw AlunaGeorge on your song, add some hip-hop beats, a new-age drop after the chorus, and you’ve got yourself a banger. “Blow You Up” is a repetitive eclectic mix, Aluna just adds the tinge of pop it needed to be big. Her soprano-ish voice chirps alongside the harsh tones of hip-hop providing the coolest contrast.



“Human Touch” by Betty Who


image: direct lyrics.com


I’ve always had a soft spot for Ms. Who. She seems overly happy and knows how to do pop right. Her lyrics are touchingly positive and remind you of warm summer days. “Human Touch” is her most electronic song to date. Fans have been hoping for her return to music and praying her new album will be dropping soon (no date yet!) A happy-go-lucky chorus features Who singing out some notes following every electronic peep.