New Year, New Music!

cardi b
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Cardi B: Fresh off her best year yet, this Bronx native is ready to make 2018 her lil b***h. Her first single, “Bodak Yellow” sparked a nationwide sing a long – breaking records along the way. Her latest explosive single is “Bartier Cardi”; a slamming rap tune ready to shatter more records. Cardi’s been working hard to make her first studio album a smash.



b singer
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BORNS: The alt/pop singer just announced his new album, Blue Madonna will be out January 12. Known for his hit, “Electric Love”, Garrett has a lot of musical ground to cover with this new album. Latest single, “I Don’t Want U Back” shows his soprano-like vocals thrown against an electronic pop background like we’ve seen on previous tracks; “American Money” and “Electric Love”. Madonna is bound to be as colorful as ever.


ashe singer
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Ashe: Fresh off a tour with EDM rising stars; Louis the Child, Ashe is ready to take over the pop pool. Her debut album is due in 2018. She recently told Pop Crush the album “is a total study of the human condition and relationships. I’ve struggled with self-doubt and depression and [these projects] are like a reflection of myself and how I look at the world. It’s going to be tight.” Her single, “Used To It” sets the scene for what we can expect from the singer this year – fun pop tunes with real meaning.



alina barazAlina Baraz: The sultry songstress has been teasing fans for what feels like forever. She just recently released her first music video, “Buzzin”, which is her third single this year, ahead of her first solo album due in 2018. Baraz has an enticing musical quality about her – angelic vocals with R&B basslines. A debut album will give the fans exactly what they’ve wanted for a very long time.



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Camila Cabello: After a huge public split from one of the biggest girl groups in pop music, Camila is ready to stand on her own as an artist. She originally wanted to name the album The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving but then changed her mind. “I decided to call [the album] by my name, because this is where this chapter in my life ended” she told Pop Crush. Releasing an array of singles this year proved Camila isn’t limiting herself to one sound. There’s no doubt, this album will top the charts within seconds.


A Spicy Summer

As August approaches and the sun gets hotter, so does the music. Spanish flares and saucy lyrics seem to be taking over the music scene. There’s nothing better than a cold beverage and a hip shaking tune. Add these to your summer playlist…ASAP.


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1.) “Havana” – Camila Cabello 

Camila is proving her worth in the pop genre. “Havana” has bouncy piano chords and a classic clap beat. The newly solo singer sings, “Havana, oh na na, half of my heart is in Havana, oh nana, he took me back to East Atlanta.” A feature verse from Young Thug adds the hip-hop element Cabello seems to     be harnessing in her latest music.


captain cuts
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2.) “Cocaina” – Captain Cuts, Rich the Kid, Daniels 

Shakers, twang-y guitar chords, and a punchy horn section make this song play in your head for DAYS. Think of a sweaty club past midnight; that’s “Cocaina.” Every feature adds more flavor to this spicy track.



frenchy montana
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3.) “She Workin” – French Montana feat. Marc E. Brassy

Montana’s latest album “Jungle Rules” took a more groovy route than we’ve seen in the past from the rapper. Featuring smooth crooner, Marc E. Brassy kicked up the sex appeal ten notches. “Mmm, she know what to do with it” says Frenchy right off the bat followed by a solid steady beat. *(Dancing girl in the red dress emoji)


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4.) “I Ain’t Got Time!” – Tyler, the Creator

A reoccurring horn line echoes throughout this track that somehow fits effortlessly behind Tyler’s aggressive verses. Various instruments make a background mash-up during “Time.” Tyler told Beats 1 Radio he made this track while in the studio with Kanye West. He just started making odd noises and thought it would work for Kanye (who didn’t like it) so Tyler kept it for himself.