On Repeat: “Someone Else” – Chelsea Cutler

It feels as though every week, we are graced with another Chelsea Cutler tune. One that shakes you to your core, maybe makes you cry, and will probably play on repeat for the next week until you get another new song.

Cutler explained her latest release, “Someone Else” saying that it wasn’t actually about a situation she’s experienced. She filled in RapGenius; “What I can also honestly say is that I think it describes a situation that we can all relate to: making a fool of yourself over and over again because ur lonely and u miss somebody and u don’t want to be alone with your racing thoughts. u text or call them because ur WEAK. and u are scared of what they’re doing or who they’re with.”

The song follows the singer/songwriters classic electro-pop formula. The verses tell a relatable story and the chorus comes in to pull your heart apart…then makes you dance a little bit.

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