On Repeat: “Mine Luv” (feat. H.E.R.)

As if, H.E.R. hasn’t taken over enough lately, she partnered with BLVK JVCK on a hot new track. This DJ duo makes a hypnotic beat that glides behind the vocals as smooth as the lyrics come out. “Do you just want somebody to touch on your body? Do you just want a love that’s just us, never broke.” The lyrics divide up physical love versus emotional love while H.E.R. pleads with her love interest for something real.

The chorus is partially sung in a beautiful falsetto, while the backbeat plays a game of catch-up. A slight EDM sound tweaks the vocals giving the song more of an upbeat feel; like we see illustrated in the dance-oriented music video.



R&B Tastemakers

2017 was a strong year for R&B/pop. It feels like a new artist pops up every day, but these ones caught my ear and made me listen over and over. From groovy beats, saucy lyrics, and hypnotic basslines, I am HOOKED on R&B. Here are some of my favorite artists/songs from 2017.

sabrinaher pic

daniel c

sza pic