LANY Returns With Sweet Single “Good Guys”

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It’s been two years since the beachy boys of LANY lulled us to sleep with their epic alt-pop melodies. The band is back with a new single that surely lives up to their vibey brand. “Good Guys” is as romantic as it is comforting.

Lead singer, Paul Klein announced the new single on his Instagram saying “pls don’t spend ur whole life trying to do the right things for the wrong ones.” “Good Guys” defines romantic gestures in a world that often feels romantic-less; “I just wanna be the one you call, anything you need, anything at all, all I wanna do is let you in.” Klein revisits his southern upbringing mentioning he’s a “southern gentlemen”; a theme I’m sure we’ll hear more of on the upcoming album titled mama’s boy. “Guys” features the usual subdued guitar riffs that we love from LANY. The song fits right in on a sunset drive or a night on the couch with a glass of wine. Near the end of the track, Klein’s soft layered vocals sing, “so I’m gonna play it cool, til I know you want me too” in a sweet innocent tone.

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LANY’S Malibu Nights

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LANY’S lead singer Paul Klein says, “i hope i live forever. but if i died tomorrow, i’d wanna be remembered for writing these 9 songs. ‘malibu nights’ is officially out for the entire world. i love you x” 

After the success of their gorgeous debut album, LANY, last year, Malibu Nights feels shorter (only 8 songs) and even more poetic. Many of the lyrics are melancholy but in a somewhat cathartic and insightful way. “Let Me Know” is an ode to love that makes you drop everything and always say yes. Klein croons, “let me know if there’s something I can do to fix it, let me know if you ever change your mind, I can promise you I’ll be waiting.” While “Run” portrays the often dark place people end up in after a breakup accompanied by a slight hip-hop back-beat (something different than we’re used to hearing from the pop-centric band.)

“Valentine’s Day”, “Malibu Nights”, and “Thru These Tears” were absolutely fueled by real heartbreak Klein experienced at the end of last year and at the beginning of 2018. Each record pulls at the heartstrings through never ending lyrical soundscapes that echo in your head for days to come. On writing the album, Klein says, “I lifted my head up for the first time in 50 days and I was like, ‘Holy sh*t, we just wrote album two…I think that morning I woke up and my heart for the first time didn’t hurt worse than it did the day before.”

If you’ve never heard of LANY before and want to know what kind of music they are pumping out into the world…it’s this.


New Album Picks

The Japanese House – Saw You In A Dream


japanese house
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Distilled vocals and extended guitar riffs compile a gorgeous EP worthy of every summer sunset. Title track “Saw You In A Dream” is a romantic pop montage, while “Count to Nine” is a borderline indie hit infused with modern electronics. Lead singer, Amber Bain’s voice is as breathy as a summer breeze reminiscent of the eclectic Imogen Heap.

Top songs: “Saw You In A Dream” and “3/3”




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16 tracks make up this epic electropop fusion of music. LANY have started to make a name for themselves with the unique soft edged voice of Paul Jason Klein leading the group onto the charts. His voice glides along any riff, melting into your ears. Exploring every element of love and relationships, the band tackles it head first.

Top songs: “Super Far” and “Hericane”


Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1


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Far from his “Feel So Close” days, Harris shakes his EDM brand. With a plethora of cameo’s, Funk challenges what we’re used to hearing on pop radio from the UK native. Each song has an underlying funk layer stacked with top R&B/hip-hop slayers like: Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Pharrell, and more. “Rollin” is your car jam and “Feels” is your Friday night turn-up.

Top songs: “Prayers Up” and “Feels”