Who You Need: Jeremy Zucker


Image via catalystnewspaper.com


WHO: Jeremy Zucker

WHERE: New Jersey


SONGS: “Talk Is Overrated” feat. Blackbear



A senior in college doesn’t stop this pretty boy from spreading his wings into the music world. This 21 year-old, is making a name for himself. Taking full reign of his sound, lyrics, production, etc; Zucker proves all you need to succeed is yourself.

This past July, he released a stellar single with hit-maker/inspiration, Blackbear called “Talk Is Overrated.” The track now has over 3,000,000 streams on Spotify, launching Zucker into the limelight. His sound is both sexy and fun, mixing the fun parts of pop with the intricate parts of R&B. Today marks the release of his next single, “End” a slower homage to a broken relationship. Zucker’s voice sounds raspy and fresh on each note. Older tracks like “October Snow”, “Keep My Head Afloat” and “Man Down” prove his stamina in his own genre.

I caught up with Zucker recently at his Juice Jam performance in Syracuse. While his guy gang hung out on plush couches, he chewed on some carrots and answered a round table of questions from some eager females.

Studying Biology in college, Zucker has to take classes one at a time so he’s able to balance his school work and musical career. He recently signed with Republic Records and described the process as “validating.” Republic is now helping his music reach more people. “I was putting out music every week and making sure every song was as good as I wanted it to be” Zucker says about his work ethic pre-label. He continues to keep the same mindset moving forward.


Expect an EP from Zucker by the end of the year, along with more live shows!