Coldplay’s “Hypnotised”

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After their Chainsmokers collab hit the web, Coldplay has been a hot topic on everyone’s minds. The band just announced their new EP coming June 2, titled Kaleidoscope EP. With just five songs (including the EDM-assisted “Something Just Like This”) the band never ceases to stop creating.


1. All I Can Think About Is You
2. Something Just Like This
3. Miracles 2
4. A L I E N S
5. Hypnotised

Leader of the pack, Chris Martin, gave fans a tease into what we can expect from this short collection. “Hypnotised” is the first track we hear. Piano notes twinkle throughout the over five minute track bringing that special je ne said quo to life. Martin’s voice is low-key, reminiscient of their early days with songs like, “Sparks” and “In My Place.”

“Hypnotised” is a rebirth of some sort. Finding refuge in someone who resembles love; “Now I’m hyp, hypnotised, yeah I trip, when I look in your eyes, oh I’m hyp, hypnotized, yeah I slip and I’m mesmerized.” The lyrics could serve as a life bible, showing the inevitability of disorder in our society. Martin softly sings, “It’s easy to be lethalI’m learning from the news, it’s a guidebook for the blues.” 

The lyric video is major eye candy. Watch it here.




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