Who You Need: The Action!


The Action!
Image via facebook.com/TheActionBand


WHO: The Action!

WHERE: Syracuse, NY

GENRE: Rock/Alternative



The Action!’s new album titled 5 is what I wish I had when I was in high school. A fun angst-y colorful collection of songs that make you say both, “get lost” and “wait, come back, I like you.”

With five band members, each one adds another color to the palette. No wonder they work so well together; the group will celebrate their 20th band anniversary next year. Tracks like, “I’m Gonna Beat Up Your Boyfriend,” “Never Been to Boston,” and “Too Scared to Dance” remind you to stomp your feet and have fun. Not only do guitar and drums lead these songs, but the horn section brings this band to a whole new level of musical nostalgia. They come off edgy with a simple speck of vintage medley’s; something not all bands can accomplish. “Styles and genres switch from song to song on this album and I think that keeps things interesting. You never know what’s coming next” the band’s ringleader Mike Gibson says.

Every lyric is fun and honest; imagery spills into your mind with every verse. “She’s cooler than Joey Ramone…hotter than Memphis in June,” lead singer Mike Gibson sings on “Let Her Heart Break.” While the song, “Amy” becomes one of the slowest one off the album, but sends a heartfelt message of love and friendship; “what can I do for you Amy? how can I help you get through?” Written for Amy Helm (singer/songwriter and daughter of Levon Helm from The Band). Gibson said, “Her father’s music meant a lot to me and when he died I wanted to write him a tribute but not something that sounded cliché. So I thought about his daughter – I may’ve lost a hero, but she lost her dad – and wrote this for her…” he continues to say, “Yes she’s heard it, yes she loves it, yes she recognizes me and hugs me when I go to her shows.”

5 should be in everyone’s car, so you can blast it on the highway, curse out your ex, or just be happy about life. Either way, The Action! will get you moving, whether you like it or not.



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