Q&A with Northern National + New Single!

Texas natives, Northern National just released their latest single, “Slow Down” off their new EP, D.A.R.K. Channeling their alternative side they’ve mastered so well, you can’t help but compare this one to an Imagine Dragons-esque anthem. Something draws you in with the eeriest sound. The haunting backup vocals and consistent hit of a drum make this stand out among the rest of their discography.

Listen for yourself: 

1.) Explain more about the song meaning
“‘Slow Down’ talks about the realization that we all lie for different reasons and using that realization to change ourselves for the better.

The bridge of the song says, ‘I’m a liar, I am tired, I get higher just to hide that I am a liar’. These lines are the ‘wake the fuck up moment.’ The ‘these lies are exhausting and you can’t keep doing this’ moment. The ‘You have to change for yourself’ moment.

Sometimes you can’t just change for someone else. You have to change for yourself first and foremost and then let that change be shaped by the people around you, and that is what the song is really about. It’s a song about realizing the person who you’ve become after all the years of wearing a mask you’ve shaped for yourself through lies, hiding, and fear. Now that you’ve realized that mask… you won’t back down, you will hold out, you won’t slow down any longer.”

2.) Who are some of your musical inspirations? 

“Everyone in the band has different musical inspirations actually. Our singer’s favorite songwriter of all time is Ray LaMontange, mine (Kanne) is probably a songwriter named Ron Pope, our drummer loves Bombay Bicycle Club, and our bassist/guitarist loves Thrice. It’s crazy the range that a band can have sometimes.
Actually we are all creating playlists currently of our favorite music and what we are all listening too. You can check those out on our Spotify!

3.) Is this a glimpse into what the rest of the EP will sound like?
“‘Slow Down’ was the first single we finished writing and recording in the studio. It helped format the direction of the EP for sure. However, we have a couple different vibes on it. We want to keep the audience guessing and intrigued about what’s coming next. You will really get to see all the sides of Northern National in the EP.”

4.) What are your plans for 2018?
“Releasing this new record and lots and lots of touring! We are currently booking for the summer, but from about May on.. get ready to see us at a city near you! We can’t wait to get on the road and play these new songs and write more for future records.”

To learn more about Northern National, visit their website


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