Who You Need: Alison Wonderland


alison wonderland
Image via edmchicago.com

WHO: Alison Wonderland

WHERE: Sydney, Australia


TOP SONGS: “Happy Place, “I Want U”

The hype surrounding Wonderland has been building over the past year. In late 2017, she was named New Artist of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards. Then later released a stormy single titled, “Happy Place”, a song that puts the spotlight on mental illness and finding one’s happiness. “Place” was the introduction to her second album, titled Awake, coming April 6th.

Her third single, “No” proves to be her strongest in a while. Following a bouncing beat similar to a Diplo masterpiece. She recently talked about the meaning behind the track; “I want to make a track that someone will hear and be like ‘shit, I totally get what she’s feeling, and if she can get out, maybe I can too.’ I don’t want them to be afraid to talk about it.” Working alongside producer/hitmaker Joel Little (Lorde, Sam Smith, Khalid), this album could be the EDM/pop mashup we’ve been waiting for. Keeping raw honesty in a genre that seems to be pigeonholed into one sound, Wonderland makes sure her music has meaning.

With 14 new songs waiting in the wings, I can’t wait to hear what Wonderland will debut live at Coachella.



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