On Repeat: “Mine” – Bazzi

(Image via pmstudio.com)

“You so f****ng precious when you smile.” Call it modern romance, or just a pop dream. Singer/Songwriter Bazzi is making women everywhere blush.

“Mine” might be the catchiest song I’ve heard in months. For some reason the melody rings in your head over and over begging you to hit repeat. It’s so beautiful, you can’t stop admiring it and singing along.

The mature 20-year-old told Billboard.com the story behind the track, “‘Mine’ was interesting because it was about the way that someone made me feel so loved — so beautiful, so special, so accepted…I knew that I could take that exact feeling and direct it at people, and not just that person. I could make songs to make people feel that love and acceptance. In such a sad, insecure world, I knew the power of what that could do for people.”

“Mine” has more than 190,000,000 streams on Spotify and is currently #15 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it’s way up the charts every week.



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