Miguel’s ‘War & Leisure’ Tour!

Miguel drifts around on a tiny stage while his band bangs out every note. He gets the crowd to chant “splish splish”. “Righteous” – he says in return. The War & Leisure tour is peak Miguel. If you’re thinking about seeing him, see him NOW.

A set list of 20+ songs will satisfy the old and new Miguel fans while draining the voice right out of your lungs. 2010’s “All I Want Is You” and “Sure Thing” prove the singer has been mastering R&B for quite some time now. While newer fans can sing to the bouncy “Banana Clip”, “Pineapple Skies”, and the crowd favorite: “Sky Walker”. But pretty much everyone can reminisce over “How Many Drinks?” and the saucy “Do You?”.

The California native managed to pack in everyone’s favorites and then some. About halfway through the set, the singer performed a flawless medley of his song with Wale: “Lotus Flower Bomb”, “Power Trip” with J Cole, and his recent collab with Dua Lipa: “Lost In Your Light”. A steady beat stitched them all together without a hitch.

Miguel’s voice cannot be fully appreciated until you hear it live. Effortless runs and endless vibrato make you wonder how he’s managed to keep that voice so pristine for so long… and how he makes it look so damn EASY.

The show itself was enlightening to watch. A shining array of bright lights echoed every rock breakdown Miguel’s band did so well. The energy was more than the room could handle.

My only complaint? The merch was way too expensive. I will never pay $45 for a t-shirt…

(Image via Variance Magazine)

Who You Need: Alison Wonderland


alison wonderland
Image via edmchicago.com

WHO: Alison Wonderland

WHERE: Sydney, Australia


TOP SONGS: “Happy Place, “I Want U”

The hype surrounding Wonderland has been building over the past year. In late 2017, she was named New Artist of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards. Then later released a stormy single titled, “Happy Place”, a song that puts the spotlight on mental illness and finding one’s happiness. “Place” was the introduction to her second album, titled Awake, coming April 6th.

Her third single, “No” proves to be her strongest in a while. Following a bouncing beat similar to a Diplo masterpiece. She recently talked about the meaning behind the track; “I want to make a track that someone will hear and be like ‘shit, I totally get what she’s feeling, and if she can get out, maybe I can too.’ I don’t want them to be afraid to talk about it.” Working alongside producer/hitmaker Joel Little (Lorde, Sam Smith, Khalid), this album could be the EDM/pop mashup we’ve been waiting for. Keeping raw honesty in a genre that seems to be pigeonholed into one sound, Wonderland makes sure her music has meaning.

With 14 new songs waiting in the wings, I can’t wait to hear what Wonderland will debut live at Coachella.



The Sounds of Lord Huron

The words, “I will wait by the river, in the light of the moon,” sound like the beginning of an old poem; something Shakespeare would write to a far-away lover. She’d read it and shed a tear as the realization of his love for her finally became clear.

lord huron
Image via brooklynvegan.com

Lord Huron’s third single of 2018, “Wait by the River” is an enchantingly beautiful love song. Lead singer, Ben Schneider sings about all the things he’ll do to get this love back; “I will cry out to heaven,” “I will beg for forgiveness,” “I will wait by the river.” A slow drum beat keeps “River” at a romantic pace, while Schneider’s vocals itch higher and higher with piercing imagery to follow.

Their third album, Vide Noir, will be released April 20th. Spanning two years in writing and recording (in their Los Angeles studio), Schneider told Northern Transmissions what inspired Noir, “My nighttime drives ranged all over the city—across the twinkling grid of the valley, into the creeping shadows of the foothills, through downtown’s neon canyons and way out to the darksome ocean…” he continues, “I started imagining Vide Noir as an epic odyssey through the city, across dimensions, and out into the cosmos. A journey along the spectrum of human experience. A search for meaning amidst the cold indifference of The Universe.” It’s no surprise, the visual aspect of this album will be just as gorgeous as the mixed sounds on each track.

Listen to “Wait by the River” here: