Who You Need: K.Flay

K.Flay solutions.jpg
Image via rivieratheatre.com

WHO: K.Flay

WHERE: Chicago

GENRE: Alt-Rock

TOP SONGS: “Blood In The Cut” and “High Enough”

On her latest album, Solutions, Flay sings, “you gimme bad vibes, bad times, bad nights with you, yeah I get bad energy, sick pleasure from you.” Through a punk filled haze, this Chicago native manages to steal your attention with her timely metaphors and teenage attitude.

“Bad Vibes” is just one of several politically charged anthems off Solutions. “Vibes” talks about society pressures to be depressed or unhappy and how the singer wants to move away from negativity and into a brighter future. Songs like “Not In California” and “Good News” take inspiration from current-day society and how the world might be crumbling around us, so we need to react, stay positive, and be good people. “Good News” says, “I could use some good news, blue dreams, green lights, brighter views.”

You might know K.Flay from her 2017 hit, “Blood In The Cut“. For a song written in 20 minutes, it manages to resonate with so many people who soon knew K.Flay was going to be someone special. On creating “Cut”, Flay says, “I was actually at home for Christmas, so I was in my parents’ basement doing that. I was in a somewhat dark emotional place. I wrote that, and I immediately felt filled with this vigor that I had previously been missing. And then producing the song, just embracing that spirit of release in the chorus.”

Solutions feels like K.Flay in her prime, as a musician and artist. “Bad Vibes” keeps your punk spirit alive, “Good News” inspires you, while “Ice Cream”, and “Sister” are fun sing-a-longs carrying important messages.


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