Phantogram Releases New Single Ahead of March Album Release

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Fans haven’t heard a new Phantogram album since 2016’s emotionally heavy, Three (listen to “Answer” and “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”) The NY natives recently announced their new album titled, Ceremony will be released on March 6. An 11 song track list was also revealed.

Leading the album is new single “Pedestal”. A raw story of a crumbling relationship while questioning a confirmation of love. Lead singer, Sarah Barthel belts on the chorus “Cause I was in love with you, is that what you’re supposed to do? When I put you on this pedestal.” The metaphor is so crystal clear while the song is flooded with classic Phantogram musical characteristics. Barthel’s vocals are poignant and indie as ever, while a heavy drum beat pounds through the chorus. The phrase “you can make a hospital lovely” is repeated throughout the song as another metaphor; a strong one at that. While the phrase is short and sweet, it speaks volumes to someone’s character.

Listen below:

Phantogram’s Important Return

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After a two-year hiatus, the electro-pop band is back with two new tracks. Both are in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. A cause that is close to the band’s heart as we’ve seen over the past couple years (listen to their 2016 single, “Answer”).

“Someday” is a Phantogram original. Starting out slow and steady, the song picks up traction into a beautiful homage to lead singer Sarah Barthel’s late sister. “I’m always gonna miss you, I’m always gonna feel you, In everything that I do,” she sings lovingly. A jazzy horn line makes the song poignant and sweet; a somewhat lighter sound than we usually hear from the band.

The second track is a cover of “Saturday” by the band Sparklehorse, originally released in 1995. Barthel’s dreamy vocals glide gently on this one as twinkling sounds and soft beats take over. A simple song about love, almost anyone can sway to.

Band members, Sarah and Josh were recently just recognized for their efforts raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. All proceeds from the new music will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. After releasing the two tracks, the band went to Twitter to divulge into the inspiration behind the music, saying:

“We’re really excited to share new music with you today…We started work on ‘Someday’ during the ‘Three’ sessions – it was based on a beat Josh made from samples of the Al Green songs ‘I’m Still in Love with You’ and ‘Livin’ for You’. But then Becky’s (Barthel’s sister) death derailed everything in our lives and this song became too painful for us to work on. This spring, we were able to return to the song and finish it as part of our efforts to raise awareness about suicide prevention and to destigmatize mental illness. Like so many people, we’ve been through some very dark times, but we want everyone who is suffering to know that there is help and hope in the world. Love today and every day, -Sarah & Josh”.