Man Crush Monday: Khalid

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The 20-year-old seems to be everywhere in the past couple months. His big smile and vintage style remind you of a cool big brother. Following the stellar 2017 release of his debut album, American Teen, the Texas native has been releasing collabs and features left and right. His easygoing voice seems to blend well with just about anybody as he hijacks every song and makes it that much better.

Singer/songwriter and mysterious pop star, Billie Eilish grabbed him for a track called “Lovely”. Eilish’s angelic voice has a certain darkness that Khalid compliments beautifully on this one.


Khalid recently released a new single titled “OTW” featuring 6LACK and Ty Dolla $ign. This one feels more hip-hop than anything else he’s put out. Spitting some slow raps, the singer finds his groove on this one. Ty Dolla $ign’s verse brings “OTW” to a new level that I hope Khalid dives more into this year.


R&B upcoming sensation, Sabrina Claudio also borrowed Khalid on her new sultry single, “Don’t Let Me Down”. Khalid takes the second verse making it swoon-worthy in seconds. A swift drum beat leads while the two serenade eachother.


Alina Baraz is no stranger to working with Khalid and recently released her album, The Color of You. “Floating” starts out with flawless harmonies; Khalid hits all the lows while Alina hits the highs. The song sounds like it could easily be found on a Khalid album.



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