Who You Need: HONNE

(image via nylon.com)


WHERE: Bow, London

GENRE: Alternative/Pop

TOP SONGS: “Someone That Loves You” and “Warm On A Cold Night”

James and Andy of HONNE (which is the Japanese concept meaning “true feelings” and one’s “intimate self”) have been dropping new singles almost every week. All in preparation for their new album, Love Me/Love Me Not coming August 24th.

Mixing elevated verses and storyteller lyrics, these two have an alternative sound that will surely be the soundtrack to your summer.  One of their most recent singles, “Location Unknown” unveils the struggles of a long distance relationship alongside romantic lyrics; “I just need to know that you’re safe, given that I’m miles away, on the first flight, back to your side.” Electro-pop singer Georgia also lends her vocals on this one.

Releasing six singles so far, each portrays a different story featuring various genre blending elements. The London natives admit to being influenced by soul masters like Al Green and Bill Withers. Tracks like the low key, “Day 1” and funky “Me & You” feature slight soul elements that fuse into their already established “feel good” sound.

The duo explained the inspiration behind the pairs of new songs to Clash Music saying, “Those two sides have been rooted in us from the beginning, but now is the first time we’ve truly demonstrated it. One doesn’t exist without the other, and so this time these songs have to be there together. A lot of films and TV shows either explore the good or bad, but we wanted to show a balance and the grey space.”

Stay tuned for more new music to come…

To see HONNE live, click here!







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