Who You Need: Russo

(Image via harpersbazaar.com)

WHO: Russo

WHERE: LA, California

GENRE: Rock/Punk

TOP SONGS: “Lonely” and “Ghost”

Lead singer and part-time model Cailin Russo describes Russo’s sound as “fast, honest, and high”. The breakout sound of this LA-based band will bring you back to simpler times filled with youthful energy.

House With A Pool is a diamond in the rough. “Bad Things” is a standout anthem, while “Joyride” provides poetic lyrics in a loving manner. Russo’s voice, similar to the late Amy Winehouse, sings gently, “Joyride, breaks through the night, enjoy the darkness, until we see light”  

“Loudmouth” is edgy, reminiscent of a Kings of Leon b-side. The short and sweet lyrics make Russo feel vintage like an old jacket found at Goodwill; filled with stories. You’re transported to a different time while listening to this album. A time that makes you wanna rebel, drive down a windy road, and sing karaoke in a dark bar.

Cailin recently told HypeBae about the bands future plans, “Next is tours, shows, festivals (not sure how much I can disclose) and hopefully another EP by the end of the year! Lil Christmas gift for y’all.”

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